November 22, 2011, 4:37 PM

Victoria’s Secret leads in Likes

More than 15 million consumers Like the retailer on Facebook.

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Victoria’s Secret continued its reign as the most-Liked retailer on Facebook in October, with 15.3 million followers, a 2% increase from September, according to the ChannelAdvisor Facebook Commerce Index.

The monthly index from the e-commerce services provider tracks how many consumers have clicked that they Like any of more than 500 brands on Facebook. Overall the index grew 3.7% in October, a slight dip from its 3.8% growth in September.

Among the top 25 most Liked retailers on Facebook, Levi’s had the strongest month-over-month growth in October as its fan base grew 9% to nearly 7.5 followers. Levi’s recent growth stems, in part, from its “Go Forth” campaign that supports what it calls “pioneers of this planet.” Those so-called pioneers are consumers working on progressive causes, such as promoting literacy.

“In a world where Facebook pages are quickly becoming one-visit stops for users looking to score discounts or free products, Levi’s is setting itself apart by structuring its Facebook page around a global, long-term campaign,” ChannelAdvisor notes in its report. “By creating a movement to sustain customer engagement, Levi’s is more likely to increase brand awareness and ultimately return on investment, in the long run.”

Levi’s, No. 351 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, was one of the first major brands to incorporate Facebook’s social plug-ins, having launched a Friends Store that displays only items that other Facebook users have recommended via the Like button.

Here are the 10 most Liked retail brands on Facebook, with their ranking in the Top 500 Guide, their number of Likes at the end of September, and the month-over-month percentage increase:

• Victoria’s Secret, No. 18, 15.3 million, 2%

• Adidas Originals, No. 205, 11.2 million, 1%

• Victoria’s Secret Pink, No. 18, 10.4 million, 1%

• Wal-Mart, No. 6, 9.3 million, 5%

• Burberry, No. 400, 8.6 million, 6%

• Levi’s, No. 351, 7.5 million, 9%

• WWE, No. 469, 6.8 million, 2%

• Lacoste, 6.5 million, 2%

• Hollister Co., No. 56, 6.0 million, 2%

• Kohl’s, No. 31, 5.8 million, 1%

Here are the fastest-growing brands in the index:

• FreshDirect, No. 75, 11,245, 484%

• The Shopping Channel, No. 152, 23,575, 232%

• Eurosport Soccer, 303,154, 94%

• eBags, No. 114, 38,937, 82%

• 1-800-Contacts, No. 101, 12,929, 76%

• King Arthur Flour, No. 451, 45,625, 69%

• PetSmart, No. 294, 569,963, 50%

• The Vitamin Shoppe, No. 197, 67,339, 47%

• The Swiss Colony, 12,320, 44%

•, No. 242, 336,003, 41%

FreshDirect’s growth stemmed from a weekly “What’s Your Pick” sweepstakes that offered shoppers who Like its page a chance to win $25 worth of groceries. The page also featured a slew of recipes, holiday preparation meal tips and photos.

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