November 15, 2011, 4:13 PM

ShoeDazzle shines bright in a social commerce index

The retailer has the top score among fashion brands in 8thBridge’s Social Commerce IQ report.

Lead Photo Inc. leads fashion retailers in employing social media to win business, according to a new report from social commerce technology company 8thBridge Inc. Close behind ShoeDazzle are Rocawear and Barneys New York Inc. Barneys is No. 222 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide.

The report, “Social Commerce IQ: Fashion” focuses on fashion retailers and uses a metric dubbed the Social Commerce IQ to gauge those retailers’ effectiveness in social media. 8thBridge says it calculated the rankings using three factors:

• Reach, such as how many fans a brand has and how often the brand posts status updates.



• Engagement, such as whether posts spark conversations with shoppers and the percentage of web site traffic that comes directly from Facebook.

• Shopping, such as how often the brand posts coupons, sales or product announcements, whether it has a Facebook storefront and whether integrates Facebook into its web site.

Elements that separated the top retailers from the competition include retailers’ investment in attracting more online fans, sparking consumer comments within status updates, sharing social shopping status updates, offering storefronts on Facebook and using social media to talk about products instead of coupons.

For instance, the Facebook page for, which sells monthly subscriptions in which consumers receive shipments of footwear based on their tastes, has the same “Style Survey” as ShoeDazzle’s web site. The quiz invites consumers to answer such questions as “Which cosmetics are most likely to grace your face?” and “Which diva’s style would you dare to wear?” With each answer, indicated by clicking on one of three images, the site zeros in on what shoes she might be interested in buying.

The page also engages shoppers with relevant posts, such as “The holidays are here. Let’s pop some champagne…with Maxella, of course.” That post, which refers to a shoe style, generated 2,776 Likes and 198 comments. ShoeDazzle is not an 8th Bridge client.  

The report, which also included survey responses from 1,448 U.S consumers, found that 48% of those shoppers would make a purchase on Facebook if presented with an attractive deal. 15% said that they would buy an item on Facebook if the social network were the only place the item were available and 10% said they would buy on Facebook if the item were initially sold only on the social network. 7% would make a purchase if it were an item a friend wanted as a gift. The remaining 20% is not accounted for in the report.

Here are the top five fashion retailers overall in the index, followed by their scores on a 0-100 scale:

• ShoeDazzle, 94

• Rocawear, 92

• Barneys NY, 92

• Betsey Johnson, 87

• Verragio Ltd., 87

• Fergie Footwear, 87

Of those top retailers, half are directly associated with celebrities, which is not surprising, says Wade Gerten, founder and CEO of 8thBridge. “In the social setting celebrities play a crucial authority role that influences consumers’ behavior,” he says.

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