November 3, 2011, 11:46 AM

Qantas Airlines’ site speed soars by up to 300%

With help from Akamai, the airline keeps costs in check while boosting web user experience.

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In aiming to expand global business and boost user experience on its web site, Qantas Airlines needed to keep its infrastructure investments low.

So, instead of adding additional data center capacity on top of its two existing centers in Australia, the airline decided to implement Akamai Technologies Inc.’s Web Application Accelerator, which has improved site applications like search and booking up to 300% and ensured that the site is available and functioning virtually 100% of the time, Qantas says.

“Akamai enables us to ensure a site experience that is better than that delivered by our competitors,” says John Lonergan, head of and direct channel and the airline. “By improving site performance we are able to generate more online revenue.”

Akamai’s Site Failover product automatically detects when the airline’s server is not responding to requests from site visitors and is able to display an alternative, back-up site. When the technology detects that the server is back online, Akamai switches back to the original content delivery system.

The airline also uses Akamai’s Content Targeting, which enables Qantas to personalize site content to each visitor.

Qantas says with Akamai it is able to pursue an aggressive growth strategy, which includes its expansion from serving six global markets to delivering 36 localized web sites in eight languages. The airline also has added streaming video.

“We will continue enhancing our sites and applications to deliver the best possible online service to our customers,” Lonergan says. “Akamai is a key component in our platform, enabling the performance and availability we need to achieve our goals in a cost-effective manner.”

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