October 25, 2011, 9:49 AM

Deliver More Sophisticated Mobile Coupons From Print, Email, SMS and Social Media Campaigns with Omnego’sTM Mobile Platform

Omnego’s coupons are delivered over the air direct to the mobile app, with offers that are always available—even offline—and require no printing

TORONTO – October 24, 2011 – OmnegoTM today announced that its mobile enterprise platform now integrates coupons with existing print, email, SMS and social media programs, allowing sophisticated coupon delivery direct to a white label mobile app with advanced mobile wallet and marketing features.

Many mobile software companies can deliver mobile coupons (via email or SMS) and achieve this by linking to mobile web pages or creating a PDF to print. However, the consumer still has to print or search through their volume of emails or SMS to find the coupon to display at the point of sale (presuming there is service available).

With Omnego’s mobile platform, instead of accessing a coupon by a mobile web link or PDF, the customer can, after selecting the coupon from the point of delivery, receive the coupon over the air (OTA), store and redeem it native to their smartphone app. From the customer’s perspective, Omnego mobile coupons are much easier and more convenient to find and carry, which increase the chance of redemption.

And Omnego-enabled coupon campaigns deliver much more functionality:

* Reminders: Marketers can encourage coupon use by sending mobile alerts

* Sharing: Consumers can share (via Facebook Post, Twitter, SMS, & email) the deal with friends and family using the share feature

* More Mobile Web Content: Direct your consumers to rich mobile web content like video product features

Even traditional print campaigns can incorporate Omengo QR codes and deliver mobile coupons. The Omnego enterprise platform integrates easily with existing print, web, SMS or social media campaigns by simply adding a Smart URL link to existing digital marketing materials or including an Omnego QR code in your print campaign. Customers then need only to click the Smart URL or scan the QR code to receive mobile coupons that look and act like printed coupons, which feature a front-and-back, barcodes for redemption, expiration dates, single-use programming and more.

“Mobile couponing is one of the fastest-growing mobile marketing applications,” says David Thomas, CEO, Omnego. “Omnego offers more sophisticated mobile coupon capabilities from the perspective of the business and the consumer. For businesses, Omnego’s mobile coupons allow for more ways to deliver to the consumer in a true offline mobile app. For consumers, it’s all about ease of use and convenience and what’s easier than always having it available on your smartphone, whether it’s connected or not?" says Thomas.

About Omnego Inc. http://www.omnego.com/

The Omnego enterprise mobile platform is easy to implement, configurable, practical, and secure, allowing businesses to reach their customers’ smartphones and begin ongoing engagement. Launched in 2010, Omnego Inc. has created a comprehensive mobile platform that allows a business to implement a branded mobile app with advanced mobile wallet and marketing features. With offices in the U.S and Canada, the Omnego solution is patent-pending and offers an integrated enterprise mobile solution that delivers OTA mobile cards, coupons, tickets, invoices and notifications, mobile ads, messages, location based services and social media integration, all from one software platform.

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