October 25, 2011, 4:20 PM

An e-retailer targets women who need a particular kind of intimate apparel

Bras for full-busted women are hard to find, so FreshPair.com offers special help.

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FreshPair.com's Matthew Butlein says that personalizing improves the customer experience.

Many stores sell women’s lingerie, but most offer only a small selection of bras for the full-figured woman, says Matthew Butlein, president of FreshPair.com. That’s why the online underwear retailer has recently begun offering a bra-fitting service and promoting it to women whose on-site behavior indicates they may be full-busted.

The e-retailer introduced its At Home Bra Fitting service last month. A woman who signs up for a telephone consultation talks with a service representative who then sends the shopper a selection of bras that might meet her needs. The customer gets to try them on at home for a week, and can schedule another telephone consultation if she likes. She sends back the bras she does not want—shipping and returns are free—and only pays for the ones she likes, Butlein says.

FreshPair.com is particularly promoting the service to women who spend a few minutes on the site looking at bras for full-figured women or plus-size items. This is where the e-retailer has its big competitive advantage over bricks-and-mortar stores, because of its large selection of bras of all sizes, Butlein says. “It’s for the full-figured or full-busted woman that we have the biggest opportunity to improve their experience,” he says.

The e-retailer uses Monetate Inc., a provider of testing and targeting technology, to present the at-home fitting service promotion to site visitors who spend a few minutes looking at bras for full-busted women. The Monetate system allows FreshPair.com to show the ad to more or fewer visitors depending on the availability of agents trained to provide advice. Those agents are provided by SpeedFC, a customer service and fulfillment company.

Butlein declines to disclose the results of the program in detail. But he says that the e-retailer did a pilot with 20 customers and subsequently decided to offer the program to more site visitors. “We’re very optimistic and seeing very good results to start out with,” Butlein says.

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