October 21, 2011, 12:40 PM

Customer satisfaction with mobile sites and apps lags behind traditional sites

But more companies are beginning to take mobile seriously, ForeSee says.

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The m-commerce site of StubHub is among the numerous sites and apps analyzed in the ForeSee study.

Customer satisfaction with mobile sites and apps is critical in the mobile realm because mobile consumers are more impatient than consumers using desktop computers, mobile experts say. Mobile consumers are on the go, looking for information fast, and consequently have less tolerance for poor site performance or clunky user interfaces.

Customer experience analytics firm ForeSee routinely surveys mobile consumers while they’re on mobile sites and apps. ForeSee’s Mobile Benchmark for September scores a 66 on the company’s 100-point scale, placing it below ForeSee’s aggregate benchmark for traditional web sites, which scores a 71.

ForeSee surveys consumers on numerous traditional and mobile web sites and apps, including those of ESPN, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, BlackBerry and StubHub. It covers sites and apps in various sectors, including retail, media, financial services and government.

Mobile is still in its infancy in many ways, so it isn’t really that surprising that satisfaction with mobile sites lags satisfaction with traditional web sites,” says Eric Feinberg, director of mobile strategy at ForeSee. “A mobile site can either complement a consumer’s overall brand experience or undermine it. The good news is that more and more companies are taking this seriously and understand the critical role that customer satisfaction plays in the mobile experience.”

ForeSee collects millions of surveys from mobile users, it says, and ForeSee analysts create customer satisfaction reports that the company’s clients use to help direct investment and improvement efforts.

“Many of the clients who have been measuring their mobile channels with us in the last year have found it has added a valuable dimension to the cross-channel analysis of the customer experience,” says Larry Freed, president and CEO of ForeSee.

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