October 20, 2011, 11:39 AM

A software vendor finds a way to keep its hands off online payments

CRE Secure Payments operates Marketron Broadcast Solution’s payments pages.

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Marketron Broadcast Solutions, a vendor of software for media companies, will soon make it possible for its clients’ advertisers to make online payments.

Marketron is implementing a service that replicates the look and feel of its clients’ web sites on payment pages, even though those payment pages are operated and secured by CRE Secure Payments LLC, a payment acceptance service that is hosted online. That enables Marketron to avoid the costs associated with complying with the security requirements that are part of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard because it will never possess sensitive card data.

The CRE Secure service, called HTML Clone, creates payment pages that retain the branded elements of the web site and the session data details of the user, but the payment data flow directly into CRE’s payment system, says Kevin Lee, CEO of CRE Secure Payments. CRE then transfers that payment data to Marketron’s payment processor, Chase Paymentech, and returns a token to Marketron for its records. A token is a randomized code that acts as a stand-in for the advertiser’s card information.

CRE Secure’s payment acceptance is already integrated with Chase Paymentech’s payment processing system, which made it easier for Marketron to implement the system, says Gurmeet Singh, Marketron product manager. Marketron’s development team worked with CRE Secure to replicate the look of the web sites on the new payment pages, but he did not provide details on how much work that entailed.

Marketron expects to roll out the payment system to clients of its Media Connect service in the next two weeks. “We are not yet live on the system, but project a large percentage of our clients who utilize credit card payment processing to use this service,” Singh says.

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