October 19, 2011, 2:39 PM

Vzaar Makes it Easy for Online Marketers to Add and Manage Multi Language Subtitles for Online Videos

Video Subtitles Help Consumers Research, Shop and Buy.

October 18, 2011 – London, UK--Vzaar (http://www.vzaar.com ) has rolled out a new and easy to use web video subtitling feature for their industry leading business web video hosting services. By providing subtitles in dozens of the world’s leading languages, vzaar enables eCommerce and online marketers to target their videos to customers worldwide without having to re-record audio or reshoot the video

“Subtitles are a very effective way to broaden your web audience by conveying the business’s marketing message in multiple languages,” says Stephen McCluskey, CEO of vzaar . “Subtitles are a must-have for online businesses looking to reach audiences across the globe.  Our new subtitle feature supports multiple files in various languages, giving your viewers the ability to select their preferred language from the options you provide.”

Subtitles are a powerful way to add extra merchandising muscle to business and eCommerce videos. Often customers prefer to read information rather than listen. Or online customers might be shopping and viewing the videos in a location where audio may not be appropriate, at work, on an airplane, in a crowded subway. Maybe they are shopping for a last minute gift for their significant other and don’t want them to overhear what they are doing. Turn the computer’s or mobile device’s audio off, and they can then confidentially read the video’s info in the appropriate language.

The subtitle upload process is easy and quick. vzaar business clients simply upload subtitle files by clicking on the subtitles icon in their video management area.  After the file has been uploaded and saved, they can select whichever languages they prefer. Upon playback using the customizable vzaar business video player, their web site visitors will be able pick whichever language they prefer.

More info at http://vzaar.com/blog/2011/10/10/vzaar-introduces-subtitles/

About vzaar

vzaar is the leading online video hosting platform for eCommerce sites of all sizes and market segments. The vzaar service provides a cost effective and highly scalable video hosting service to thousands of companies worldwide. The easy to use online video management dashboard and a highly experienced sales support team allow businesses to publish video online fast. Founded in 2007, vzaar has its Headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

For more information visit http://vzaar.com

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