October 18, 2011, 9:33 AM

Iron Horse Interactive Launches Industry's First Fully-Integrated Online and Mobile Product Recommendation Platform

New HTML 5 based technology connects online product searching to in-store prospect interaction, simplifies consumer purchasing experience, facilitates increased sales and enables product marketers to drive higher levels of conversions.

SAN RAMON, CA (October 18, 2011) – Iron Horse Interactive (IHI), a leading multi-channel  marketing company, today announced the mobile launch for its IHI Buying Guide product-finder and recommendation solution. With this launch, product marketers now have the first fully-integrated online and mobile solution to reach prospects, simplify their buying experience, and analyze critical behavioral habits in a highly-targeted and measurable way. 

Until now, marketers were forced to turn to disparate, silo'd platforms to understand the purchasing habits of their prospects that typically use multiple online and mobile touch points to research products and the impact of this behavior on in-store purchasing decisions.   With the launch of the new IHI Buying Guide, product marketers now have the ability to select one solution to understand the buying preferences of their prospects both online and on mobile devices, and then analyze how these habits drive purchase decisions.

To the consumer, the platform simplifies the purchasing experience by providing them with the ability to research products, get customized product recommendations, and shop -- on any device at any time. Additionally the platform facilitates a continual product searching and purchasing experience for the consumer, enabling them to pick up exactly where they left off, regardless of whether they are online or on-the-go with their mobile device.

To the marketer, this personalized purchasing experience helps them significantly exceed  above-market engagement and conversion rates, as well as obtain detailed insights about the buying habits and preferences of their prospects. These insights are critical to marketers as they seek to analyze the mobile and online habits of their prospects, and then tailor their marketing strategies accordingly across all direct and indirect channels. 

"With the latest version of the IHI Buying Guide marketers finally have a one-stop solution to extend their sales channel, reach more prospects, and truly understand the habits and preferences of their prospects in a measurable way, regardless of whether their prospects are online or on their mobile device," said Uzair Dada, CEO of Iron Horse Interactive. 

Among the key features and attributes included in the newest version of the IHI Buying Guide are:

* HTML 5 Infrastructure: The mobile platform is built on HTML 5, which leads to fast time-to-market for brands and allows it to be compatible across a broad array of mobile devices.

* Mobile Capabilities: The IHI Buying Guide is optimized for popular iOS and Android OS smartphone devices, providing marketers with critical insights on the habits and behavior of their prospects across all digital touch points.

* Real-Time Catalogs: The platform utilizes live product catalogs for up-to-date pricing, inventory and features.   Delivers product data, customer reviews, relevant content all contextually to streamline prospect decision making process

* Continuous Search: The IHI Buying Guide auto saves user searches and provides users with a reference number to return to their searches anytime from anywhere they can access the IHI Buying Guide. 

The IHI Buying Guide has already proven to be highly effective for a range of clients that have implemented it in their marketing campaigns in advance of its official public launch. Since deploying the platform, clients have achieved well above industry averages in a variety of critical marketing measurement categories, including engagement rates, bounce rate reductions, and clicks to qualified user actions. 

This announcement follows a string of milestone achievements which IHI has announced over the past year, including the growth of its client base by more than 30 percent, record-setting revenue growth, achieving industry-leading engagement and conversion rates for its clients across its other applications, such as the IHI Adverguide™ and IHI Showcase.

For more information on Iron Horse Interactive, including a listing of customers, service offerings and recent company news, visit www.ironhorseinteractive.com. 


Iron Horse Interactive™ (IHI) is a multi-channel marketing company. IHI's technology platform and interactive services let companies increase demand for products and services by reaching their prospects anywhere. Whether prospects are on a company's website, channel partner site, social media site, mobile device, or across an ad network, IHI's technology provides personalized recommendations that keep customers engaged and drive higher conversions.

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