October 5, 2011, 4:31 PM

15 ‘Must-dos’ to make mobile design stand out

There is much room for improvement in mobile site design, e-retail consultant Lauren Freedman says.

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Letting m-commerce shoppers drill down for more information on products is just one of the many things merchants must do to have a well- designed mobile commerce site, Lauren Freedman, president of retail consultancy The E-tailing Group Inc., will tell attendees at the Internet Retailer's Mobile Commerce Forum 2011 in Houston next Tuesday.

“Mobile poses new challenges for merchants, so it is essential that they think about the shopper’s journey through the mobile shopping experience, and what they need to deliver,” she says. “Smartphone usability is still awkward, and there is room for improvement in the mobile shopping experience. Consumers want to be comfortable shopping your m-commerce site.”

In a Mobile Commerce Forum session titled “The Challenges to Stand-Out Mobile Site Design,” Freedman will present a list of 15 “Must-Dos” that she says retailers must follow to provide a a good mobile shopping experience. In addition to letting shoppers drill down for more product information, other must-dos on her list include:

● Letting mobile shoppers instantly confirm that they have reached the right merchant by displaying familiar logos that fit the mobile screen.

● Provide page layout and navigation that lets mobile shoppers quickly find products and, for retail chains, individual store locations. “Many mobile shoppers simply seek out store information,” Freedman says.

● Make it simple for shoppers to click to buy on the mobile site, or get information on what’s available for purchase in a store.

“This mobile customer has high expectations, from information gathering to checkout, and retailers must deliver or lose customers to their competition that are just a click away,” Freedman says.

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