October 4, 2011, 10:36 AM

Consumer electronics retailer hhgregg launches a new e-commerce site

Shoppers can access deeper product information and more robust recommendations.

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After seven month of development, consumer electronics retailer hhgregg Appliances Inc. this week launched a new e-commerce site. It shows consumers which products are in stock in each of the retail chain’s 204 stores, and offers improved navigation, site search and product information the retailer says.

The site now lets consumers navigate through five main product categories: TV & Entertainment, Appliances & Home, Computers & Mobile, Cameras & Camcorders and Services (which includes installation, delivery and premium service plans).

“Shoppers can drill down into a category based on criteria such as brand, price and specs of each product,” says Jeff Pearson, the retailer’s vice president of marketing. “We are also now using guided search which helps a visitor by offering search suggestions as they type in the search box.”

The e-commerce site also features what hhgregg calls Product Tours. A shopper going to a product page—for instance, a Sony 46" 1080p Internet LED HDTV—can click the Take the Product Tour button to access product demos, videos, detailed specifications, energy consumption data (as required by federal law), included and optional accessories and other such data. “Our content strategy revolves around delivering more content to help a visitor make an informed decision before purchase,” Pearson says. “We’ve been working directly with manufacturers, product tour providers such as Easy2 and WebCollage, and writers to bring to the site much more in-depth content.”

The site also features a more robust recommendations tool, thanks in part to technology from IBM Corp. and Adobe Systems Inc. “The site learns what products a visitor is interested in based on what they view, add to their wish list or purchase,” Pearson says. “As the site learns it begins giving each user more accurate recommendations based on his behavior.”

The consumer electronics retailer started planning its new site about a year ago, he says. To bring shoppers to the site, hhgregg will give away one Sony TV every day through October; shoppers can register for prizes when visiting the site.

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