September 19, 2011, 1:21 PM

Social network sign-ins lead to more sales for Giantnerd

The e-retailer enables shoppers to log into its site via their social network IDs.

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Since’s launch in May 2010, the outdoor and apparel e-retailer has made sure to include social tools in its platform, offering consumers the option to Like products they find on and share them on Facebook, rate products with a thumbs up or down and write product reviews. Last October the retailer went a step further by making it possible for consumers to sign into using their login details from social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Statistics from this summer show that 26% of consumers visiting login using their social credentials—a development that is helping to increase sales, says Giantnerd CEO Randall Weidberg. He says consumers who login with their social network credentials are five times more likely to make purchases than shoppers who create Giantnerd-specific user accounts or have no account. Consumers who login with their social credentials also spend an average of 10% more than those who use a Giantnerd account.

Weidberg says the social login tool, which is provided by social media optimization firm Gigya Inc., helps smooth the checkout process. “What we find is that if they sign on with their social identity, it’s a very efficient process when they checkout. Their name, e-mail and location are pre-filled,” Weidberg says. At the top of the first checkout page page, Giantnerd tells consumers they can speed through the checkout process if they login with their Facebook account details.

Weidberg says the social login also compels consumers to login when they might otherwise not if they had to create a new Giantnerd-only account. “People like to use their social identity throughout the web,” he says. “Our members are more likely to sign on with a social identity because it is a lot easier and more efficient than having multiple accounts across the web.”

In addition to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, visitors can also log in using their credentials from Google, Yahoo and MySpace.

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