September 8, 2011, 11:07 AM

Content management tool enables quick change

Valassis adopts Ektron system and improves its page views.

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Coupon company Valassis Communications Inc. had a problem each time it needed to update the content on its and web sites. Getting new content on the sites took weeks because the Valassis homegrown content management system required developers to make the changes.

Valassis needed a quicker way to update its content and better manage coupon categories. “As you look across ways to source coupons, categorization quickly becomes very difficult,” says Brian Costello, general manager and vice president for digital strategy the RedPlum Network at Valassis. “There are a lot of different ways people search for bargains and then there are a lot of different kinds of categories within searches.”

That led Costello to look to vendors, ultimately choosing Ektron Inc. and its content management system.

Valassis made cutting back the amount of time required to make content changes a paramount objective. “I needed to make sure that the developers were only involved in the very back end and focused on creating the page templates we needed,” Costello says. “What we needed was to have the marketing folks who work for me make site changes on the site on the fly, to decide what goes where, to do multivariate testing.” Multivariate testing means testing several variables on a web site at the same time.

With the Ektron system in place, Valassis saw an immediate difference. The content publication cycle went from weeks to days, Costello says.

“The ability of the editorial team to just go in, do what they need to do, and just get it out there, was so important to use and it has worked incredibly,” he says. “The output from the editorial team has increased dramatically.”

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