August 12, 2011, 2:26 PM

Levi’s added 1.6 million Likes in July

That’s nearly a 35% increase in its number of Facebook followers.

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Levi’s added 1.6 million Facebook followers to its rolls in July, expanding its Facebook fan base by 35%, according to the ChannelAdvisor Facebook Commerce Index.

The monthly index tracks how many consumers have clicked that they Like a brand on Facebook. Levi’s growth reflects the overall increase in consumers Liking brands on Facebook. Throughout the first six months of the index, the more than 500 brands that ChannelAdvisor tracks have added almost 80 million followers, for a total of 227 million.

Levi’s recent growth stems from a range of Facebook-related efforts. For instance, the apparel retailer offered consumers who Like Levi’s an exclusive edition of the digital art magazine Juxtapoz. It also created a Facebook application, WaterTank, aimed at increasing awareness of the global water crisis.

Levi’s was one of the first major brands to incorporate Facebook’s social plug-ins, having launched a Friends Store that displays only items that other Facebook users have recommended via the Like button.

With 6.2 million Likes on Facebook, Levi’s is the eighth most-Liked retail brand on Facebook, according to the index. Meanwhile, Victoria's Secret  maintained its position as the most Liked retail brand on Facebook with 14.7 million followers, a 2.8% increase from June. Victoria’s Secret’s Pink brand for young women was the third-most Liked retailer with 10.1 million Likes, a 2.0% increase from June.

Here are the 10 most Liked retail brands on Facebook, with the number of Likes at the end of July, and the month-over-month percentage increase:

• Victoria’s Secret, 14.7 million, 3%

• Adidas Originals, 10.4 million, 2%

• Victoria’s Secret Pink, 10.1 million, 2%

• Wal-Mart, 8.0 million, 13%

• Burberry, 7.3 million, 7%

• WWE, 6.4 million, 3%

• Lacoste, 6.2 million, 2%

• Levi’s, 6.2 million, 35%

•Hollister Co., 5.7 million, 4%

• Kohl’s, 5.5 million, 8%

Here are the fastest-growing brands in the index:

• Sleep Number, 39,766, 84%

• 1-800-PetMeds, 41,292, 75%

• GNC Live Well, 320,574, 64%

• Music Notes, 26,450, 43%

• Office Depot, 129,693, 41%

•Tiffany & Co, 1.5 million, 37%

•, 368,946, 37%

• Levi’s, 6.2 million, 35%

• GameFly, 255,684, 32%

•Chico’s, 61,884, 32%

Sleep Number drove its Likes with a promotion that gave away free travel pillows to its Facebook followers who ventured into one of its bricks-and-mortar stores.

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