August 9, 2011, 10:31 AM

Brick and Mortar Businesses Are Now on iOS with Pago

Customers Browse, Order and Pay from a Smartphone – Businesses Identify, Communicate, and Reward from an iPad –

SAN FRANCISCO--Pago Mobile launches today, offering brick and mortar businesses a new way to interact with their customers through smartphone technology. Customers can now browse, order and pay for local goods and services, saying goodbye to waiting in line and moving through their daily transactions with ease. Using an iPad that connects to their existing point of sale system, businesses can know who their customers are, provide deals on what they really want, and reward loyalty as easily as sending an email.

“Pago offers brick and mortar businesses an easy way to leverage mobile technology, increasing speed, efficiency and customer satisfaction merging the physical and virtual worlds.”

Pago is now available at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, and launches today at over 50 businesses in Mountain View, California, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Mountain View. Businesses anywhere in the US can sign up to get started today at

Merchants can easily accept Pago with no startup costs. Pago links with point of sale systems or can operate standalone. With Pago, merchants receive and view transactions on an iPad that interacts with a free consumer app. The consumer app is now available for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry (and coming soon to Windows Phone 7).

“Pago is a lifestyle approach to commerce, inspired by the inefficiencies in daily transactions for both consumers and businesses. From buying a morning coffee to picking up dry cleaning, we knew that commerce could be easier and more personalized,” said Leo Rocco, Founder and CEO of Pago. “Through smartphone technology, customers can purchase at brick and mortar businesses with online efficiency, and businesses receive invaluable data – and the tools to use that data – to keep customers coming back.”

Pago also includes in-depth social features that enable consumers to share recommendations and reviews through Facebook and Twitter and send gifts to friends. Merchants benefit from the community created around their businesses, and from a review system that only accepts and incorporates feedback from real customers who have made purchases.

“In the 90’s, the focus for businesses was getting online, then it was Facebook – now it’s all about being on iOS, converging online, social, and on-premise,” said Leo Rocco. “Pago offers brick and mortar businesses an easy way to leverage mobile technology, increasing speed, efficiency and customer satisfaction merging the physical and virtual worlds.”

Today's launch in Mountain View includes a wide variety of businesses from all service sectors, with both local and national merchants on board. Customers will be able to go Pago with every purchase of their day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be bought with ease at restaurants like Clocktower Coffee, Sunny Bowl, and La Salsa. Errands from dry cleaning to picking out flowers can be completed at places like Holiday Cleaners and Fleur De Lis. Customers can also go Pago when at the gym or salon, with Full Force Fitness and Spoil Me on board. Pago can even be used after dark at late-night spots like Shoreline Billiards.

"Mountain View is the epicenter of Silicon Valley innovation and we are thrilled to support Pago's launch because it helps retail businesses take advantage of mobile commerce,” said Oscar Garcia, Chamber of Commerce of Mountain View’s President and CEO. “We partner with technology companies who can deliver F.A.S.T results to Chamber members - Facilitate commerce, provide a competitive Advantage, deliver Sustainable revenue and help businesses be a Trendsetter. Pago delivers on FAST and removes many of the hassles of daily transactions and provides benefits to both the consumer and local businesses."

Mountain View is targeting to have 75% of all of its merchants accepting Pago by the end of the year.

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About Pago Mobile

Pago uses mobile technology to provide a more efficient way for consumers and businesses to interact. Based in San Francisco and founded by Leo Rocco, Pago breaks down the walls of brick and mortar businesses, enabling consumers to browse, order, and pay on and off premise. Pago works with a merchant’s existing point of sale system (or standalone) and has no startup costs. It enables businesses to get to know their customers, and use that knowledge to reward loyalty, offer targeted deals, and communicate easily. Pago, currently available for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry (coming soon to Windows Phone 7), is live at over 50 merchants in Mountain View, CA, and the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Pago will be expanding to more markets across the nation in the coming months. Go Pago to experience the new, personalized face of commerce.

About the Chamber

The Chamber of Commerce Mountain View ( is a non-profit, business organization working for the mutual benefit of its members and the community by enhancing an environment in which business can succeed.


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