July 19, 2011, 3:14 PM

Many marketers make mobile a main matter

72% of marketers will increase spending on mobile ads in the next two years, a study finds.

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63% of marketers in retail, travel, financial services and other industries say they have increased the amount they spend on mobile advertising during the past two years, according to a new study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau entitled “Marketer Perspectives on Mobile Advertising.” 29% of those marketers report an increase of over 50%.

The outlook for the next two years is more growth, the study finds. 72% of the 300 marketers surveyed say they will increase their mobile advertising budget. 35% of those marketers expect to increase spend by over 50%.

“Given the current economic climate, these overwhelmingly positive ad spend numbers are telling,” says Anna Bager, vice president and general manager of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s mobile marketing center of excellence. “They truly underscore what those of us working in the mobile space have always recognized—that the remarkable evolution and progression of mobile interactive advertising has only begun to deliver on its extraordinary promise.”

Mobile advertising includes mobile paid search ads, mobile display ads, ads delivered through location-based services and text message ads.

51% of marketers surveyed say mobile advertising is an integral element of their overall advertising strategy. The other half say they are intrigued by mobile advertising: 35% report they are experimenting with mobile while 14% are using mobile ads on an ad hoc basis.

The survey also asked marketers spending on mobile ads which types of mobile devices they are hitting. 60% say smartphones, the survey finds, 31% tablets, 22% feature phones (the limited predecessor to smartphones), 10% e-readers and 3% game devices.

“Mobile advertising is advancing rapidly and many of the issues that slowed progress in earlier years have been overcome; for example constraints imposed by networks and mobile phone limitations have radically improved through developments in, respectively, mobile broadband and smartphones,” says Eden Zoller, principal analyst with Ovum, which conducted the survey for the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

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