July 11, 2011, 4:58 PM

Happy holidays! Now tell me about your daily deal.

Most shoppers will seek out daily deals for holiday gifts this year, PriceGrabber says.

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The upcoming holiday shopping season will send most online shoppers to daily deal sites in search of digital discounts, suggests a new survey from PriceGrabber, which says that 60% of consumers will use a daily deal site when buying Christmas or Hanukkah gifts. PriceGrabber, a division of Experian plc, based its finding on a survey of 2,088 U.S consumers between May 20 and May 25.

“A sizable amount of consumers are shopping for daily deals frequently, and this number is likely to grow as we approach the holiday season," says Graham Jones, general manager of PriceGrabber. 

The survey also found that 56% of respondents plan to buy a birthday gift using a daily deal site, with 23% expecting to find anniversary presents there. Overall, 59% of consumers will seek out holiday or other gifts on sites that present limited-time offers, in some cases, like Groupon, requiring a minimum number of consumers to commit to a purchase before the offer takes effect.

Food is the most popular type of daily deal desired by respondents, with 45% saying they shop for food and dining offers on daily deal sites. 40% seek out retail shopping deals, 31% discounts for entertainment and events, and 25% hotel and travel offers. "The emerging popularity of the experiential gift, such as eating in a restaurant one might not otherwise be able to afford, largely ties into the joy consumers seem to find in sharing discounts with others through the new trend of social buying,” Jones says.

Still, consumers seem to have realistic expectations about how much they can save through daily deals, PriceGrabber says. Only 2% of respondents said they expect to save more than 75% via daily deals. About 25% expected to find discounts of between 25% and 49%; 19% of respondents expected 50% to 75% discounts; and 16% hoped to save between 15% and 24%. A further 37% of respondents shopped daily deal sites with no specific savings goal, PriceGrabber says.


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