July 8, 2011, 1:01 PM

Booqoos Launches Next-Generation Online Deal Marketplace

Booqoos offers a one-stop deals site that allows businesses to have total control of their deals.

Austin, TX, July 8, 2011 — Booqoos, the deal you want when you want, is live today, offering a better way for merchants and consumers to manage online deals. For merchants, Booqoos provides a powerful platform with complete control and self-management of deals to suit individual business goals, and instant distribution through multiple channels. For consumers, Booqoos aggregates deals from other sites, as well its own, creating a one-stop shop with the ability to search by location, date and product/service category.

“Booqoos gives us full control over the deals we offer and how we execute them — all at a cost lower than other deal sites,” said Terry Wilson, owner of Aquarelle restaurant and a Booqoos user. “We’re thrilled to be working with Booqoos to offer existing and future Aquarelle customers a good deal, and it gives me the opportunity to completely customize how and when I’d like to promote those deals.”

Booqoos’ do-it-yourself platform is a smarter choice for local small and medium-sized businesses. Unlike other deal sites, Booqoos is more than a discount solution for merchants: it is a full marketing platform that gives businesses unparalleled control over their deals. With Booqoos, merchants have the power to:

  • Self-manage deals — Create deals with no minimum required discount, place caps on the number of deals available, plan deals up to a year in advance, and distribute them to consumers via email, social media and/or Booqoos.com all in one click
  • Feature multiple deals — Present multiple deals at once; package deals to upsell slow-moving items or excess inventory
  • Optimize scheduling — Set up traditional open-ended coupons or offer deals available only for specific, scheduled time slots to increase business during slower times
  • Avoid deep cuts into profit margins — Post a deal at half the cost of other deal sites and customize it to meet the business’ unique needs

“Booqoos is better for businesses, and better for buyers,” Booqoos co-founder Tina Cannon said. “It gives merchants the flexibility to optimize deals to better suit their needs and gives shoppers an easy-to-use platform that cuts down on the clutter and confusion of countless deal emails.”

Booqoos makes it easier for discount seekers to find and purchase the deals they want through a digest email of deals defined by the consumer’s preferences and a searchable database of aggregated deals. Shoppers can also book appointments at the time of purchase. Booqoos also allows non-profits to tap into the deals market for fundraising efforts and even matches business contributions up to 10 percent of the deal purchase price.

 “The deals space is crowded — and it’s not. Most of what we’re seeing are companies attempting to copy Groupon,” Booqoos co-founder Raúl Calvoz said. “Our strategy in creating Booqoos was to identify and remedy what we perceived as weaknesses in the daily deal site model. Our patent-pending technology does that and more. The do-it-yourself deals we’ve launched today are just the tip of the iceberg.”

Booqoos was founded by Tina Cannon, creator of PetsMD, and Raúl Calvoz, former Vice President and Executive Committee Member, Europe for Travelocity, with funding from the founders.

About Booqoos TM

Founded and based in Austin, Texas, Booqoos is a next-generation online discount marketplace that simplifies the discounting process for local small- and medium-sized businesses. Based on a patent-pending, internet platform of do-it-yourself marketing tools, Booqoos provides a powerful solution for businesses to have complete control and self-management of deals to suit individual business goals, and a one-stop shop for consumers to find and consume the deals they want, when they want them. Booqoos also allows charities to easily create and execute fundraising campaigns, and matches business contributions up to 10 percent of the deal purchase price. For more information, visit www.booqoos.com.

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