July 1, 2011, 12:49 PM

FetchBack Adds New Features to Its Retargeting Technology

The company has released four advanced features to help maximize ad dollars within customers’ current retargeting programs.

TEMPE, Ariz., June 29, 2011 – Retargeting leader FetchBack Inc. is helping advertisers further streamline when and how consumers are being retargeted online. The company has released four advanced features to help maximize ad dollars within customers’ current retargeting programs, while enabling both BtoC and BtoB marketers to build brand engagement. Customers can now have ad messaging, images, time of display, and other key campaign factors automatically adjusted on-the-fly based on hundreds of data points that are collected every day, including the day-to-day performance of the ads.“Having the ability to improve an ad’s reach based on evaluating the campaign’s current performance is one of the things FetchBack does best. We’ve taken the technology that enables this and put it into hyper drive,” said Chad Little, CEO and founder of FetchBack. “In order to have a successful retargeting campaign, it is essential to understand the science behind the conversion. Our new features will allow marketers to better reach consumers by retargeting with more precise and relevant information in near real-time.”Starting this month, FetchBack customers will have the ability to include, Ad Manager, Dynamic Qualified Sequentials, Campaign Level Pricing and Dynamic Product Targeting into their retargeting campaigns.

Ad Manager

Customers no longer need to worry about changing their campaigns suddenly and frequently due to factors such as time of day sensitive offers or geography specific ads. The new FetchBack Ad Manager provides the ability for ads to react instantly and automatically to these and many other variable changes.

Dynamic Qualified Sequentials

Companies with different “levels” of users, members, or buyers that don’t want to run several different campaigns can benefit from this advancement. For example, if the goal is to increase memberships from free to paid, this feature addresses that specific funnel and helps companies increase that type of conversion. Instead of serving the same ads regardless of where in the funnel the customer is, or providing separate campaigns for each customer level, FetchBack uses data to determine a customer’s current level and delivers the most relevant ad to push them through the funnel.

Campaign Level Pricing

Advertisers can now set different pricing and goals determined by the kind of result they are seeking – either a purchase or an engagement. Traditional retargeted ads simply route the potential customer to the website to make a purchase, while FetchBack aims to increase purchases and build customer loyalty and brand engagement. FetchBack can now serve two distinct ads for the same campaign, with two specific goals and price points. One ad will lead to a home or information-focused landing page, while the other will lead to an opportunity for purchase. The costs of the two ads are different and determined by the goal of the advertiser.

Dynamic Product Targeting

Putting an emphasis on customization, Dynamic Product Targeting delivers a specific brand or label within an ad. For example, if a consumer has searched for a specific kind of sporting apparel, Dynamic Product Targeting will deliver that specific consumer’s most searched sports team along with the type of apparel they have recently been shopping for.FetchBack account managers conduct daily evaluations of campaign performance with FetchBack’s FIDO™ technology. Account managers use the platform’s actionable analytics to determine if they can apply any added features to help the performance of the ad and maximize spend. Having the ability to analyze the data and modify the strategy instantly and automatically is what makes FetchBack a leader in retargeting technology. The addition of these new key features will greatly increase the value to any FetchBack retargeting campaign. For more information on these new features please visit www.fetchback.com.

About FetchBack

FetchBack Inc. is a leading retargeting company. On average, the vast majority of a website’s visitors leave without converting. FetchBack “fetches” them back to that site using the industry’s most advanced retargeting platform. The company’s FIDO™ technology provides detailed retargeting analytics, enabling advertisers to see deeper into their campaigns than ever before. To learn how FetchBack advertisers are turning lost prospects into loyal customers, please visit http://www.FetchBack.com. FetchBack is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GSI Commerce. GSI Commerce is an eBay Inc. (Nasdaq: EBAY) company.

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