June 24, 2011, 3:29 PM

AtLastShip Fulfillment Introduces AtLastShip Server API

AtLastShip automatically selects the optimal transportation provider and delivery method to meet delivery guarantees. 

Denver, Co— AtLast Fulfillment Inc. announces the availability of its AtLastShip Server API. AtLastShip is the first and only web based multicarrier shipping solution with least cost routing and service cost optimization. AtLastShip automatically selects the optimal transportation provider (carrier) and service delivery method to meet your customer delivery guarantee time at the lowest possible price.

What makes the AtLastShip API solution different? It uses advanced TNT routing across multiple carriers including UPS, FedEx, USPS, Mail Innovations, Streamlite, MSI and XPO selecting the lowest-cost domestic or international ship method while still guaranteeing delivery time.

The AtLastShip Server uses XML Web Services, so that application developers can support multi-carrier shipping without installing new software or change existing systems and work flow. The system produces an integrated label image. This fully scalable system serves a diverse range of customers and applications. Interested partners can learn more about AtLastShip Server at 303-662-1041 x301 or info@atlastinc.com.

“Our competitive edge in the ecommerce fulfillment and logistics space has always been our proprietary software and organically grown technology,” said AtLast Director of Sales Jim Gardner. “By offering our software as a service, we see an opportunity now to partner with clients who currently have existing facilities, infrastructure and employees looking for more process optimization and lower costs. Within the first year of using AtLastShip, customers have significantly reduced their shipping costs by up to 21%.”

With AtLastShip you can print shipping label from any carrier with just a computer, a printer, and an Internet connection. AtLastShip is the only web-based shipping software integrated with all small package carriers and consolidators supporting both domestic and international shipments.

About AtLast Fulfillment

AtLast Fulfillment is a leading provider of integrated outsourcing solution to eCommerce companies. Through our proprietary technology, automation and network of multi-client distribution centers, AtLast customers see more efficient operations, new ways of growing revenue, more satisfied customers and dramatic cost reductions. For more information, please visit www.atlastfulfillment.com.

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