June 3, 2011, 12:55 PM

Spreadshirt Appoints a New CEO

Philip Rooke will lead the clothing commerce platform company through its next growth phase.

BOSTON--Spreadshirt, the leading multi-channel clothing commerce platform for creating, buying and selling personalized apparel, today announced the promotion and appointment of Philip Rooke as the company’s new CEO. Rooke will lead the company through its next growth phase with his vision of product customization and print on demand as a vital strategy, both within the marketing campaigns of global brands and for local, innovative shop partners.

“Spreadshirt has become the leading platform in the customizable clothing industry”

“Spreadshirt has become the leading platform in the customizable clothing industry,” explains Philip Rooke, Spreadshirt’s CEO. “We now market in 15 countries and 9 languages, with factories in the US and EU. We are continually expanding the options we offer both the B2C and B2B markets, providing them leading quality service. I look forward to driving the business forward and continuing the great results we have already been seeing across the company and the world.”

Spreadshirt’s Chairman of the Board, Lukasz Gadowski, commented, “We are very happy to have Philip as our new CEO. He has a proven track record of being an exceptional leader in his previous positions and within Spreadshirt, where he has been the de facto CEO for the past few months.”

Rooke joined Spreadshirt in 2009 as global VP and Managing Director, and was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer in August 2010. Under his leadership, Spreadshirt has seen a 45% increase in its Shop Partner business globally. Rooke’s ability to create high revenue growth through operational efficiency has been core to him throughout his career. In addition to his new role, he will continue to have responsibility for marketing and sales.

Prior to Spreadshirt, Philip Rooke’s career has spanned across many ecommerce companies, most notably iVillage UK, where he held the position of CEO, transitioning the platform into the Tesco.com fold and becoming a Director at Tesco.com. His experience also includes Managing Director at Skinstore, the largest online retailer of skincare in North America where he was responsible for its European division. Throughout his career, Rooke has seen Internet business models shift and new technologies emerge, providing him with experiences in the entrepreneurial sector within larger businesses.

About Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt (www.spreadshirt.com) is the leading multi-channel clothing commerce platform for creating, buying and selling personalized apparel. For the more than 35,000 active online shops selling around the world in 2010, the Spreadshirt c-commerce platform offers a flexible, risk-free, print-on-demand approach. Spreadshirt’s fulfillment service handles everything from production and payment to shipping and customer service.

The platform provides multiple channels to bring customers’ ideas to life on clothing. These channels include 3rd party e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, white label and social media shops, and countless other applications using Spreadshirt’s API.

Founded in 2002 in Leipzig Germany, Spreadshirt is a global company with Headquarters in Germany and the United States and factories in North America, Germany and Poland to allow rapid delivery to customers. For additional information, visit Spreadshirt on Twitter, Flickr or Facebook .

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