May 25, 2011, 3:08 PM

GNC supplements mobile site and app with PayPal Mobile Express Checkout

Shoppers with PayPal accounts do not leave GNC’s site or app to complete their transactions.

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GNC added PayPal Mobile Express Checkout to its m-commerce site and its mobile app.

General Nutrition Center Inc. is making it simple for customers with PayPal accounts to complete purchases through its mobile commerce site and app. GNC’s m-commerce technology provider, Branding Brand, has integrated PayPal Mobile Express Checkout into the merchant’s mobile shopping site and app to speed the process of buying merchandise on a mobile phone. The alternative payment option is the mobile version of eBay Inc.’s main PayPal offering.

The integration means PayPal account holders shopping GNC’s m-commerce venues do not leave the GNC site or app to complete a transaction. At checkout, a consumer with a PayPal account enters his user name and password and then buys with the touch of one button; the system uses the consumer’s stored default shipping and billing information. PayPal launched Mobile Express Checkout last year.

Because they hasten the purchasing process in a setting where speedy checkout is key, alternative payments have the potential to boost mobile conversion rates, some experts say. That is the goal of Branding Brand, which has begun integrating the PayPal mobile payment mechanism with a variety of clients, GNC being the first out of the gate. The technology provider does not charge retailer clients a separate fee to add PayPal Mobile Express Checkout.

Branding Brand uses an automated system it developed called Echo that shortens the amount of time needed to add this payment feature to a mobile site or app, the company says. Branding Brand funnels e-commerce site content selected by a merchant into Echo, which optimizes the data for presentation on a mobile device. The company declined to go into detail on how its proprietary Echo system works, but says it speeds the process of m-commerce site and app development. It takes Branding Brand two to four weeks to optimize e-commerce content for display on a mobile device, the company says.

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