May 4, 2011, 2:01 PM

Apparel retailer MyNines boosts page views 60% with a site redesign

Consumers can now create sales alerts and shop items selected by fashion bloggers.

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Apar Kothari

Giving online shoppers the ability to create sales alerts and offering collections of blogger-selected fashion items has helped apparel and accessories e-retailer MyNines Inc. to boost the amount of time, and the number of pages, that consumers spend on its e-commerce site.

The sample sale site aggregator redesigned in January, says Apar Kothari, CEO of MyNines. Along with introducing brighter colors, the new site enables shoppers to create sales alerts centered around specific brands or products. More significantly, consumers can shop from three to five apparel collections each day. Those collections are based on selections made by bloggers, chosen by Kothari for their established web presence and sense of style.  The goal is to create a sense of relationship between the blogger and consumers who admire that person’s style. 

Before the Internet opened up the world of fashion to more consumers and fans, a relative handful of experts would decide what was fashionable, says Cynthia Passanante, director of design and user interface at IQ: Traffiq, the professional services division of Traffiq, the New York-based web development firm that redesigned the MyNines site. “The ivory tower in fashion is slowly being toppled,” she says. “Bloggers are developing a more significant role in fashion and style.”

Since the January redesign, consumers are spending more time on MyNines and viewing more pages. Time spent on the site increased 42.9% to nearly 5 minutes, on average, per consumer in February, up from 3.5 minutes in December, Kothari says. The number of pages an average consumer viewed increased 60.4%, to 8.5 pages in February from 5.3 pages per visit in December. “This shows users are more engaged this time around,” Kothari says. MyNines launched in March 2010, so no year-over-year data were available. MyNines declines to release sale data.

Other additions to the MyNines site and marketing strategy include displaying related items on product views; the creation of weekly e-mail marketing messages that highlight designers and notable sales; and an online calendar for consumers to monitor sample sales schedules.

 “We needed to make sure the products were very accessible and very easy to navigate to,” Passanante says. Consumers also can scroll horizontal bands back and forth to view multiple products without leaving the home page. “We had to create multiple unique portals to allow users to acquire those products,” she says.


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