April 18, 2011, 1:41 PM

Consumers Can Now Purchase Magazine.com Subscriptions on Facebook

Special Offers are Delivered Directly to Facebook Fans.

[Nashville, TN]— [April 13, 2011] — How can traditional print and online magazines benefit from the digital media that many people see as a threat to print publications? They use that media in a way that serves to gain subscribers and subscriber engagement. Magazines.com, the oldest and largest online magazine subscription service, is doing just that with its first social commerce campaign.

Using Moontoast’s Distributed Store, they are delivering a series of special offers directly to their Facebook fans. Each offer is instantly shareable, allowing individual fans to promote the deals to their own network of Facebook friends.

These viral subscription campaigns are powered by Moontoast’s Distributed Store. Designed to capture the social sharing among fans and friends, as well as impulse purchases, the Distributed Store allows affinity-based companies and brands to promote and sell products directly from Facebook, company website, or partner website. Much more than just a status update with a link to a third-party commerce site, the Distributed Store keeps the entire shopping and purchase experience contained within the social stream.

Fans can share the whole store, or specific products— making it easy for them to pass along the most relevant offers to their friends. You can see the store in action here:



Magazines.com is launching the program with a discounted offer for the popular lifestyle publication, Fitness. They will follow with additional titles, messaging their fan base with each new addition, and inviting them to share the deals with their Facebook friends. In addition to creating incremental sales through this social commerce channel, the campaign will help build the Magazines.com fan base through friend-to-friend referrals.

“We are excited about the potential for reaching our audience in a way that lets them share our offers with their friends,” says Jay Clarke, CEO of Magazines.com. Commenting on the alignment between the Distributed Store and with the service-centric approach of Magazines.com, he adds, “We believe that the best way to create lasting success is to focus on over-delivering.

The ease of the shopping experience with the Distributed Store is a big plus for our customers.”

All of Moontoast’s social commerce solutions are designed to help affinity-based companies and brands deliver offers at the right time, and in the right place. “One of the keys to social commerce success is being able to deliver not only your offer, but also the purchase within the social experience,” says Blair Heavey, Moontoast’s CEO, “Our job is to bring the brand’s shopping and purchase experience seamlessly into the social stream.

The Magazines.com campaign is a perfect example of how this can be done with our Distributed Store.”

With over 2,000 subscription options in over 60 categories, Magazines.com has more than enough choices to keep its 1 million active customers happy.

Working with technology partners like Moontoast, they can now deliver offers for those magazines in a way that maximizes the sales and viral potential of the social commerce channel.


Moontoast, a social commerce company, provides products including Facebook commerce, distributed stores, and commerce communities. These tools empower affinity-based companies, musicians, authors, celebrities, and specialty retailers, among others, to provide new audience-building and revenue-generating opportunities. Moontoast provides both the tools and the social analytics that improve clients’ abilities to sell.  For more information, visit www.moontoast.com, or check out Moontoast ImpulseTM at www.fanimpulse.com.


Magazines.com is the oldest, the largest and the most dependable magazine subscription service on the Internet. The company is privately-held, and based in Franklin, TN, a suburb of Nashville. Major investors include Time Inc., publisher of great magazines like People and Sports Illustrated. With more than 2,000 titles available, Magazines.com offers people a fun, easy way to discover new magazines and helps them track their subscriptions.

Magazines.com is the leading independent agent selling subscriptions, serving customers online at Magazines.com and by telephone at 800-MAGAZINES


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