March 31, 2011, 10:39 AM

Potpourri Group senses more sales with personalization

The retailer adds personalized recommendations across its 13 sites and boosts sales.

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Potpourri Group Inc. wanted to increase sales by recommending more relevant products to visitors across its 13 gift sites. And so it turned to the vendor that e-retail behemoth and personalization pro uses.

The software program, which is from iGoDigital, seems to be working. The cataloger and e-retailer says it is experiencing a double-digit percentage jump in average revenue generated per unique visitorafter implementing it.

IGoDigital, which says its techology is used by Amazon, as well as such retailers as Best Buy Co., Wal-Mart, Dell Inc., and Sears, shows visitors items they might be interested in based on their purchasing and browsing histories.

"Before turning to iGoDigital, we spent a lot of time and energy manually merchandising products on all 13 of our web sites, especially as new items became available," says Bob Morrision, director of e-commerce, Potpourri Group. "IGoDigital'spersonalized recommendations platform not only enabled us to streamline this process across multiple sites and channels, but it also improves the shopping experience by helping customers quickly discover the most relevant products.”

All the customer intelligence that the software program gathers, such as the items a shopper places in her basket, views, searched for, or bought, goes to one central personalization engine.Retailers can use that data to personalize recommendations to a consumer across many sites and in other channels, such as e-mail marketing.

Potpourri Group plans to soon begin displaying personalized content in e-mail—including adding recommendations and personalization to transactional messages. It also plans to use iGoDigitalto trigger personalized messages for items that are backinstock and new arrivals based on previous shopper behavior.

Potpourri Group Inc. is No. 145 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, Best Buy Co. is No. 10, is No. 6, Dell is No. 3 and Sears is No. 8.

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