March 11, 2011, 3:04 PM

Amazon to cut off Illinois affiliates

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Approximately 9,000 affiliates are based in Illinois, according to the Performance Marketing Association. In 2009, the last year full details are available, Illinois affiliates collected $611 million in advertising revenue on which they subsequently paid about $18 million in state income tax, Madigan says. She says Illinois affiliates represent 4.5% of all affiliate revenue in the United States and that the state has the largest concentration of any state of “super-affiliates,” which she defines as affiliate marketing companies with 50 or more employees. This includes 

Madigan says most affiliate marketers work with many e-retailers, but that affiliates will find it difficult to make up the income they will lose when Amazon and other online-only retailers terminate their relationships in Illinois. “States can’t compel out-of-state retailers to collect state sales tax for them. E-retailers will terminate their relationships and the state will not get new sales tax,” she says. “People who depend on this advertising revenue get hurt and small businesses will have to lay off people or move.” Uncertain of its next moves, says it has already pulled two job listings.

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