March 10, 2011, 2:28 PM

Monitoring performance in a retailer’s cloud

Keynote now lets e-retailers check the data flow in private Internet-based applications.

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With a new tool from Keynote Systems Inc., e-retailers can detect problems with services such as ratings and reviews that they access from a vendor over the web, the company says.

Keynote this week launched Cloud Application Perspective, an on-demand software tool that monitors the performance of applications based in behind-the-firewall, Internet servers and networks. Vik Chaudhary, Keynote’s vice president of product management and corporate development, says the new software-as-a-service, or on-demand, tool is designed to be more easily deployed and managed than traditional performance-monitoring software that clients install in their own data centers.

“Until now, there has been no way for companies to monitor the performance of web applications and web services that traverse multiple organizations or applications without considerable costs and infrastructure,” he says.

Industry analysts say Keynote’s new technology addresses a growing need in performance monitoring among companies, such as online retailers, that access an increasing number of applications—ratings and reviews, site search and online video content, for example—over the Internet from vendors that host those applications.

“This means that application performance management platforms have to monitor, analyze, and respond across multiple service providers simultaneously and in an integrated manner,” says Will Cappelli, research director at technology research and advisory firm Gartner Inc.

Dennis Drogseth, vice president at technology research and consulting firm Enterprise Management Associates, adds that Keynote’s Cloud Application Perspective integrates with other Keynote tools for monitoring the performance of web site performance outside of Internet firewalls. This allows users to see in a single dashboard within Cloud Application Perspective the performance metrics of both behind-the-firewall applications and web site traffic outside of firewalls on the public Internet.

“The ease of deployment offered by Cloud Application Perspective and its seamless integration with Keynote monitoring outside the firewall make it especially powerful," he says.

An Internet firewall is used to prevent access to a company’s web-based applications by unauthorized users on the public Internet.

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