February 22, 2011, 9:08 AM

Moontoast Powers NAMG's Social Commerce with Distributed Storefronts

NAMG partners with Moontoast to deliver offers directly to members on social networks.

NASHVILLE, TN - January 25, 2011 - Moontoast, the social commerce platform

that enables fans to share and purchase products directly on social

networks, has brought its technology to the North American Membership Group

(NAMG), enabling the group to offer flash sales through Moontoast's

distributed storefronts on the social networks.


Moontoast joins forces with companies to create distributed storefronts that

can be embedded or shared anywhere online, including social networks such as

Facebook and Twitter. The distributed stores enable shopping transactions to

be completed anywhere on the social networks, so customers can quickly and

easily complete purchases without being redirected to a separate e-commerce

store.  Moontoast's social commerce solution makes finding, buying, and

sharing great deals across the social web simple.  Deals spread fast,

growing a base of fans and followers through likes and shares while boosting



"Consumers are now spending so much of their time on social networks such as

Facebook, we help business connect with them right there," says Blair

Heavey, CEO. "Moontoast delivers special offers to fans and followers - they

can buy without leaving the site, and can even share the offers with their



When the North American Membership Group, an affinity-based retailer, began

expanding sales to the social web, their research led them to Moontoast.

Moontoast's social commerce platform provides the ease of use and

functionality that NAMG requires to power sales through Facebook and



"We wanted to ramp up our social web presence and boost our sales, but it

was important to us to find something that was easy to use - both for us and

our members.  When we discovered Moontoast, it all fell into place.  We

couldn't find another product on the market with Moontoast's functionality,"

says Chad Cox, Internet Media Group, NAMG.


NAMG currently houses Moontoast-distributed stores on the Facebook pages of

four of their member-based organizations - North American Hunting Club,

North American Fishing Club, Handyman Club of America, and Inside Track and

offers flash deals on a weekly basis, selling products directly to their

members via Facebook. 


The Hunting Club has enjoyed success by using Moontoast to offer a unique

deal to its members every Tuesday, allowing members to take advantage of

exclusive opportunities to purchase gear and items of interest to the

hunting community.  Members are able to share these deals with their friends

through their own social networks, raising awareness of NAMG and increasing



"We're quite impressed with Moontoast's attention to the customer

experience," says Michael Graves, senior executive at NAMG.  "Our customers

care about convenience - and now we can deliver the deals they want,

wherever they are."


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