February 22, 2011, 9:12 AM

Cotendo Speeds myYearbook

Cotendo delivers content 20% faster and provides unique high velocity cache flushing.

Cotendo, an innovative fast growing Content Delivery

Network (CDN) and Value-Added Site Acceleration services provider, announced

today that myYearbook, a leading social network and one of the 30 most

trafficked sites in the United States, has selected Cotendo's CDN and Site

Acceleration Services Suite as a primary distribution and content

acceleration vehicle for User Generated Content (UGC) and key advertising

campaigns. Cotendo will serve all of myYearbook's UGC, giving the company

unprecedented control over content created by its 25 million users around

the world and reducing the load-times of that content by 20% or greater.


According to Gavin Roy, CTO of myYearbook, "We wanted to continue to grow

our user base quickly and needed to maintain close to wire speed performance

as well as performance consistency across our sites to enable and support a

highly interactive user experience. We also needed a vendor who could

accommodate our specific use case needs for granular content control."


After running lengthy trials to obtain apples-to-apples comparisons of the

performance and content control capabilities of major CDN companies, Roy

found that Cotendo delivered on these promises. He elected to move all of

myYearbook's UGC and some of the company's most critical advertising asset

delivery tasks to Cotendo.


"We are excited and honored to be selected as a preferred CDN and Site

Acceleration provider to myYearbook," said Ronni Zehavi, Cotendo's CEO.

"This customer win underscores the flexibility of our technology and our

ability to provide unique capabilities to meet the needs of the world's most

highly trafficked Websites."


Cotendo's high-speed and high volume cache flush capabilities (thousand

calls for content flush per second) allow myYearbook to remove content from

Cotendo's caches in minutes instead of hours or days.  "Our site has a large

volume of User Generated Content and we have automated systems for removing

UGC. It's important that once the UGC has been removed from our site that it

is also no longer available via our CDN partner," said Roy.


Cotendo's platform also provides myYearbook's technical team with far

greater flexibility in terms of cache storage options for UGC. More archaic

CDN structures require UGC sites to limit their content so as not to

overwhelm Points-of-Presence with large libraries of rarely accessed images.

"Cotendo was able to handle our libraries without requiring any

modifications on our part or forcing us to revert more traffic back to our

origin servers," said Roy. "We were very impressed with the performance and

the response time of the Cotendo CDN and, equally important, with the

responsiveness of the organization to our specific needs."


Other useful features that myYearbook found unique to Cotendo included

real-time reporting on key CDN usage statistics and the capability to

publish changes to property settings (such as cache length and accepted file

types) to the live Internet in minutes. "In the past if we ran a marketing

campaign that required a new file type, we spent multiple hours dealing with

our CDN providers to get that new type cached," says Jeremy Stinson, VP of

Operations for myYearbook. "With Cotendo, I can go into our portal and make

changes that are published instantly without ever having to send an email to

Support or pick up a phone."


About Cotendo

Cotendo is a fast growing innovative provider of CDN and Site Acceleration

services and a leader in creation of technologies that allow website

operators and large enterprises to dramatically improve web performance and

radically simplify content delivery management. Cotendo's customer base

includes Fortune 500 enterprises, Tier 1 telecommunications providers and

the world's largest social networks, eCommerce sites, and advertising

networks, Cotendo's unique suite of software-based content acceleration

offerings provide unprecedented site performance, transparency and

application-level management capabilities as well as granular content

delivery flexibility, and best-in-class content acceleration capabilities.

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