February 18, 2011, 9:55 AM

Keeping up with Google’s changing algorithms challenges search marketers

A search expert will discuss Google’s recent shifts at the Internet Retailer conference.

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Kevin Lee

With Google attracting most of consumer searches, retailers perpetually wrestle with how to boost their rankings in Google’s natural search results. Trying to figure out how to keep up with the search engine’s relevancy criteria is a challenge for any search marketer.

According to search marketing firm Didit CEO Kevin Lee, while many SEO fundamentals remain the same, Google’s recent battle against search spammers as well as new initiatives involving personalization and real-time-search have resulted in significant changes to the Google algorithms. He will speak about how retailers can respond to Google’s changes at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition 2011 in a session called “Finding page rank and relevancy on Google's moving target.” 

Ongoing changes in the algorithms Google uses to determine which listings will rank highest in its results mean that merchants and content producers must understand not just where Google’s algorithms are now, but where they are likely to go in the future, Lee says.  That’s also true for Google’s main competitor, the Bing search engine that appears on Yahoo and Microsoft sites.

“Google and Bing are both using social media signals to influence real-time search results, making it important to develop a strategy that looks at the likely interactions between search and social media,” Lee says. “I’ll be covering the signals that search engine engineers are experimenting with now to rank content not only within the main search engine results page but also within real-time search, video and blog search.” 

Co-presenting the session with Lee will be Blake Brossman, chief operating officer of PetcareRX, who will share how that retailer’s optimization efforts have kept pace with the search engine's changing relevancy criteria. The question and answer period at the end of the session will provide the audience the opportunity to report what they have observed in Google’s changes and to learn whether the experts believe those changes are significant.

Internet Retailer’s editors asked Lee to speak because of his long experience in the industry. He has been a search engine marketing expert since 1995 and is a founding board member of the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization as well as its first chairman.  He is the author of several books on digital marketing including "The Eyes Have It: How to Market in an Age of Divergent Consumers, Media Chaos and Advertising Anarchy."


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