February 2, 2011, 1:49 PM

Super Bowl will be a super day for smartphones, research firm predicts

Young adults will use their smartphones to text, watch ads and access social media.

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61% of 18- to 34-year-olds planning to watch Super Bowl XLV have smartphones—and many of them intend to use those phones on the day of the big game, according to a new poll by Lightspeed Research.

The poll of 2,001 consumers using Lightspeed Research’s U.S. Online Panel was conducted in mid-January. It finds smartphone owners in this age group will use their devices to text, go to online social networks, watch Super Bowl ads and more. 58% of smartphone owners in this age group will use their smartphones before the game, 57% during the game, 54% during half-time and 54% after the game.

43% of all respondents own a smartphone and 18% of them will be checking out ads online from their phones and will visit advertiser web sites from their devices sometime that day. Women are more likely than men to be planning to post game updates to a social network via a smartphone on Super Bowl Sunday (37% compared with 26%), while men are more likely to monitor game news and stats (30% compared to 18%). Women are more likely to use their smartphones on Super Bowl Sunday than men, with 49% saying they will use their smartphone during the game compared to 41% for men.

Overall, 45% of smartphone owners plan to use the devices during the game itself, more than double the 22% of those who anticipate using the Internet from their home computers. 59% of all smartphone owners will be using their devices to send e-mails or SMS messages about the game throughout the day.

“As smartphone adoption continues to grow, this research confirms how advertisers must consider the pivotal role of mobile in their efforts to connect with consumers,” says Chris Urinyi, CEO of Lightspeed Research in The Americas. “The Super Bowl has always presented an exceptional way to reach the American public, but TV ads today are just one piece of the puzzle. For brands, there’s a viable opportunity for real-time social engagement and promotion due to TV’s heavy competition from increasing numbers of smartphones and PCs in use during the game.”


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