January 19, 2011, 2:50 PM

Proactive social media connects retailers with shoppers

Web retailers need dialogue with customers, says Internet Retailer conference speaker Gordon Magee.

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Gordon Magee will talk about social marketing at IRCE 2011.

Internet retailers who want to build a meaningful social media experience with their customers had better expect to be proactive, says Drs. Foster & Smith Internet director Gordon Magee.

Magee will speak at Internet Retailer’s Conference & Exhibition  2011 in San Diego on June 17 from 10:15 am to 11:15 am in a session entitled “How keeping a pulse on social marketing creates better retailers."  

Magee says social media programs are a great way to build a solid connection with customers.



But retailers also can’t think of social media—and commerce—as just another part of their marketing program.

“At my IRCE session, I will be looking at what we do with social commerce at Drs. Foster & Smith and sharing some best practices that demonstrate how retailers can be very proactive in using Facebook to build stronger connections with customers,” he says.

Pet supplies retailer Drs. Foster & Smith has about 11,000 fans on Facebook. The company posts tips and videos on how to care for pets during periods of extreme weather. Blog postings and content on Facebook also is written by experts such as licensed veterinarians or members of Dr. Foster & Smith’s marketing staff. “I will be talking about how retailers can use social media to be proactive and carry on a conversation with their customers,” says Magee.

Internet Retailer’s editors asked Magee to speak because he oversees all aspects of e-commerce marketing and social networking for Drs. Foster and Smith, the largest catalog and online seller of pet supplies in North America. His responsibilities include oversight of television advertising, Internet information technology, the video studio, public relations and print media.

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