January 12, 2011, 1:00 PM

Top 500 Retailers are among the most social

20 Top 500 retailers garner the most “social mentions,” says a measurement firm.

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20 of Internet Retailer’s 2010 Top 500 Guide retailers ranked among the most social brands during 2010, according to data compiled by Vitrue, a provider of social media software and services.

Disney, operator of Disney Shopping Inc., No. 66 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, scored the number three position in the Third Annual Vitrue 100 Most Social Brands Rankings. Apple Inc.’s iPhone took the top spot for the third year running, BlackBerry was second, and Android and iPad rounded out the top five positions.

The Vitrue 100 measures a brand’s “social mentions” by analyzing online conversations on a daily basis across social networks, blogs, micro-blogs, and photo and video-sharing sites.

Other Top 500 retailers and their positions in the Vitrue 100 were:

6. Sony, operator of SonyStyle.com, No. 13 in the Internet Retailer Top 500.

7. Apple, operator of Store.Apple.com, No. 4.

21. Dell, operator of Dell.com, No. 3.

22. Amazon, operator of Amazon.com, No. 1.

23. Hewlett-Packard, operator of HP Home & Home Office Store, No. 17.

24. Nike, operator of Nike.com and other sites, No. 48.

34. Adidas, operator of Shop Adidas.com and other sites, No. 186.

39. Best Buy, operator of Best Buy.com, No. 10.

43. Victoria’s Secret, operator of VictoriasSecret.com, No. 18.

56. Panasonic, operator of Panasonic.com, No. 162.

60. Target, operator of Target.com, No. 21.

74. REI, operator of REI.com, No. 62.

75. Walmart, operator of Walmart.com, No. 6.

79. Philips, operator of Philips.com, No. 298.

84. Burberry, operator of Burberry.com, No. 443.

89. IKEA, operator of IKEA.com, No. 209.

91. The Gap, operator of Gap.com and other sites, No. 23.

92. Sears, operator of Sears.com, No. 8.

99. Netflix, operator of Netflix.com, No. 14.

Vitrue says The Gap had “three significant buzz moments in 2010: in August when it became the first national retailer to use a Groupon coupon; in October when it changed (and reverted back to) the Gap logo, and in November when it used Facebook Places to distribute deals.

Consumer electronic brands had the largest share with 30% of the total list, says Vitrue CEO Reggie Bradford, followed by fashion/retail brands with 20%.

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