January 3, 2011, 3:49 PM

Insite Software Unveils Next Generation B2B and B2C Mobile E-Commerce Services

InsiteCommerce: Mobile Edition takes sites mobile in 2-4 weeks, including complex B2B sites.

Minneapolis, Minn., December 14, 2010—Insite Software, a leading B2B and B2C ecommerce platform and provider of shipping solutions, today unveiled InsiteCommerce: Mobile Edition. Compatible with most smart phones, including the Apple iPhone™, Google Android™, RIM BlackBerry™, among others, Insite’s latest ecommerce innovation allows an organization’s retailers, dealers, wholesalers and consumers to access their ecommerce site using a mobile device and easily purchase goods from virtually any location. InsiteCommerce: Mobile Edition can be launched in as little as two to four weeks and includes unique support for mobile ecommerce designs, full synchronization with the parent website, and proven integration with enterprise ERP and back-end systems.

“While B2C mobile ecommerce has been growing for a while, the uniqueness of B2B ecommerce has eluded the mobile trend due to its added complexities,” said Brian Strojny, CEO of Insite Software. “With InsiteCommerce: Mobile Edition, both B2B and B2C ecommerce sites can be rapidly accessed by more buyers on virtually any mobile device.”


The InsiteCommerce: Mobile Edition offers:

•     Ability to display select categories and products on mobile site

•     Create and register accounts

•     Credit card or terms payment options

•     Full cart and checkout process

•     Keyword search

•     My Account functionality, including order tracking

•     Optional homepage promo image

•     Product descriptions and images

•     Real-time data synchronization with parent site and ERP

•     Shipping & tax rules from parent site

•     Store locator

•     Styled products


“The new mobile edition provides the security, functionality, design, and ease-of-use that make our customers’ ecommerce sites stand out from their competition and make their organizations easier to work with,” said Tom Frishberg, CIO at Insite Software. “Our customers can reach even more buyers with Insite’s new Mobile Edition and that is good news for everyone needing to do business in today’s fast-paced economy.”

InsiteCommerce: Mobile Edition is immediately available from Insite Software, its resellers and agency partners. Licensing of the Mobile Edition can be added to the InsiteCommerce ecommerce platform for as little as $10,000.

About Insite Software: Insite Software is a leading B2B and B2C ecommerce platform and provider of shipping solutions serving more than 600 customers across the globe. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Insite Software’s solutions are used by leading manufacturers, distributors and retailers to sell and distribute their products to dealers, franchisers, stores, contractors, consumers and others. Insite offers ecommerce solutions for companies at all stages of adoption and addresses the unique needs of B2B and B2C sites. Its customers select the InsiteCommerce edition that fits the demands of their buyers, timeframe and ecommerce strategy, ranging from a pre-wired Express service to a more flexible Professional edition and the fully customizable Enterprise solution. All InsiteCommerce editions are fully integrated with a wide range of CMS, CRM, and ERP providers including Epicor, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP, and Sitecore. More information is available online at www.insitesoft.com, by phone at 866.746.0377, by email at info@insitesoft.com, or on our blog.

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