December 15, 2010, 10:06 AM

Customer Insight Group Adds Three New Clients

The agency added PostNet, Ashro and Seventh Avenue to its client roster.

Denver, December 13, 2010   — Sallie Burnett, President of Customer Insight Group, a leading strategic marketing consulting firm specializing in customer relationship management and social media programs, recently announced that the agency added PostNet, Ashro and Seventh Avenue to its client roster.

PostNet is an international franchise network of Neighborhood Business Centers.  With more than 850 locations worldwide, PostNet offers digital printing and design services as well as packaging and shipping for both businesses and consumers.   The company engaged Customer Insight Group to help them with their CRM franchisee email marketing program. 

Brian Spindel, founder and COO of PostNet, stated that Customer Insight Group was selected because, “We wanted a company that was experienced in customer relationship management and could help PostNet launch a corporate CRM email marketing program to cost-effectively manage and automate lifecycle marketing for our franchisees.  I’m looking forward to working with them on projects in the future, and I highly recommend them.”

Ashro, a multi-channel fashion retailer, engaged Customer Insight Group to assist with integrating cause marketing into their marketing strategy.  Rather than viewing opportunities one-dimensionally, our extensive hands-on experience allows us to understand both corporations and non-profit organization’s needs – leading to strategic, integrated programs that achieve NPO mission objectives while delivering marketing, sales and PR benefits to the corporate partner.  According to Burnett, “Consumers are showing a striking preference for brands they believe to be socially responsible.  Using our proprietary Cause Marketing Exploration process, we designed a strategy that identified causes important to Ashro customers and allowed the company to engage their customers with the causes that matter the most to them.” 

Seventh Avenue, is a catalog and online retailer that brings the one-stop convenience of a department store to their customers’ front door. The company is known for a variety of unique, hard to find, affordable products.

Customer Insight Group created a customer engagement strategy to expand Seventh Avenue’s pool of profitable customers and ultimately optimize each customer’s lifetime value.  The strategy involved focusing on customer interactions called “moments of truth” when a customer learns a promise made by Seventh Avenue will be honored. “In order to create great experiences for customers, we first helped Seventh Avenue articulate what they want each customer to think and feel at every stage of the customer life cycle.  This process was developed with business goals and customer experience in mind,” says Ms. Burnett.

Customer insight Group is a leading strategic marketing consulting firm that helps companies engage, keep and grow profitable customer relationships. We help companies assess and improve customer strategy to achieve measurable business objectives. We provide loyalty audits, social media customer engagement programs and innovative loyalty programs.

For more information about Customer Insight Group, visit or contact Mary Shaw, Customer Relationship Marketing Manager, Customer Insight Group, Inc., 6711 Secrest Circle, Arvada, CO 80007, (303) 422-9758; Fax (866) 611-7363, or

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