December 9, 2010, 3:11 PM

PeaceLoveWorld Personalizes Onsite Experiences with PredictiveIntent and CorraTech

The PersonalMerchant service from PredictiveIntent pulls together all on-site behavior.

8th December 2010 – PeaceLoveWorld, the runaway US clothing brand whose mission is to spread peace, love and happiness wherever possible, have implemented smart behavioural merchandising technology from PredictiveIntent in their new eCommerce site, developed by CorraTech, a leading open source consulting and implementation firm based in New York.

The PersonalMerchant service from PredictiveIntent pulls together all on-site behaviour (including entrances, clicks, browses, bounces, purchases and exits) to accurately build a profile of each visitor, and then uses patent-pending Suggestion Choreography Technology to improve onsite product targeting through suggesting relevant products to the visitor through various dynamic merchandising areas. In addition dynamically populated abandoned-cart, promotional and purchase confirmation emails can also be generated.

All suggestions can be based upon business rules, to ensure maximum return on investment, whilst a complete reporting tool enables marketing and operations staff to begin to understand how their visitors are browsing and buying.

“When we were evaluating partners and technology to make sophisticated product recommendations into core eCommerce solutions, we looked at all the usual suspects. In contrast to the brute force “learning” approaches used by its competitors, PredictiveIntent employs sophisticated algorithms that begin suggesting relevant products from the get-go and quickly get better and better. Combining great technology with great professional services and support, partnering with PredictiveIntent was a no-brainer for us.” Michael Harvey, COO, CorraTech

Although there are a number of behavioural merchandising/recommendation vendors in the market, PredictiveIntent differentiate themselves from the rest through tightly integrating their PersonalMerchant service with a number of leading eCommerce platforms, Magento Enterprise

being one of the most popular. For PeaceLoveWorld, this ready-made integration enabled the deployment of the service to be extremely quick thanks to CorraTech’s extensive experience and expertise implementing enterprise eCommerce systems.

About PredictiveIntent

PredictiveIntent is a privately held UK Ltd Company, providing behavioural recommendation and merchandising services for online retailers and content providers around the world. The company has established an international partner network to provide consultation and delivery of its SaaS and SaaP services and is demonstrating fast growth in the expanding ecommerce market. PredictiveIntent’s innovative and intelligent behavioural profiling, targeting and analytical solutions enables customers to obtain a deep understanding of site visitors– demonstrably increasing conversion rates and loyalty by personalising the digital experience for each and every visitor attracted. For more information about PredictiveIntent, visit the website at

About CorraTech

CorraTech is on track to become the dominant global open solutions provider. Not just another

interactive agency, CorraTech is a true technology company proud of its maniacal execution on

every project. The firm’s goal is for every client to feel that the most buttoned-up firm they have ever worked with just executed their IT project. CorraTech’s clients range from several of the largest companies in the world to startups and everything in between. Industries served include fashion, retail, manufacturing and distribution. CorraTech operates internationally and is particularly strong along the eastern seaboard of the United States: the company’s goal is to drive more total eBusiness revenue through its deployments than any other firm operating between Miami and Boston. CorraTech works strictly with Open Solutions: commercial open source software, mobile technology, public web services, cloud computing and/or all of the above. For more information, visit

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