December 1, 2010, 12:00 AM

Far more than a pretty picture

Hot 100 books, film and music retailers foster and provide great content.

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Selling books, films and music online doesn’t require stunning photography, detailed product specifications or 360-degree spins. Content—great, in-depth, relevant content—is what makes these products come alive. The books, film and music retailers in this year’s Internet Retailer Hot 100 foster and provide just that.

Take Apple Inc.’s iTunes. The digital music site’s new social network Ping enables music fans to follow one another and their favorite artists, see what they are listening to and discover new songs, albums and bands. Members can write music reviews and comment on artists’ profiles.

A trip to book e-retailer provides a daily buffet of fresh, thought-provoking content, too. From the Daily Dose book review of the day to interviews with authors, offers content that keeps readers intrigued and coming back for more.

Instrument retailer Musician’s Friend caters to consumers who love to make music. And so its site offers reviews, buying guides and videos to help them do it better. It also hosts Harmony Central, an online community where musicians swap tips and share ideas.

Books, film and music retailers cater to a different consumer. These merchants aren’t selling appliances or sporting goods. They are selling forms of art. And art stirs emotions and thrives on discussion. From a fiery conversation between two music fans about a new indie band to a review about a just-released sci-fi novel or perhaps a link to a video interview with a little-known author—these retailers don’t skimp on content. Because they realize it’s not the products they are marketing, it’s the content within them. And selling content requires great content itself.

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