November 29, 2010, 5:10 PM

Cyber Monday searches on Google jumped 20% over last year

Black Friday searches increased 10% on Thursday and Friday.

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Consumers are increasingly accustomed to scoring bargains on the day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday, and the Monday following Thanksgiving weekend, frequently called Cyber Monday, says Dan Schock, Google Inc. retail industry director.

That’s why searches for Black Friday on Thanksgiving and the following day were up 10%, year over year, and in the seven day period leading up to the Monday after Thanksgiving, searches for Cyber Monday and “Cyber Monday sales” are both up about 20% year over year, according to Google.

Consumers first began searching for Black Friday in late August, says Schock.

“Consumers are getting much smarter and savvier in how they use the Internet as a shopping tool for research, regardless of whether they decide to buy online or in a store,” he says. “That’s why consumers are increasingly searching for deals earlier in the year.”

Because Cyber Monday is a newer phenomenon that isn’t as familiar to consumers, shoppers only began this year’s searches for the term in large numbers in the past few weeks, he says.

While both Black Friday and Cyber Monday searches were up this year, Schock says they were moderated by increasingly sophisticated online shoppers culling the web for specific items.

“It seems like people did their research before Black Friday and knew what they wanted,” he says. “Then on Black Friday those specific items were what they were looking for.”

Supporting his premise is that searches for toys on Thanksgiving and Friday were up more than 50%, consumer electronics and apparel-related searches each were up about 30% and home appliances-related searches jumped 25%.

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