November 18, 2010, 11:53 AM

Online ads that entertain, regardless of language, resonate most with Hispanic consumers

More than a third of Hispanic consumers remember advertised products, comScore says.

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Marketers hoping to win over online Hispanic consumers should focus less on producing ads in Spanish and more on creating commercials that entertain, suggests a report this week from web measurement firm comScore Inc.

A comScore survey found that 48% of online Hispanic consumers in the United States expect advertising to be entertaining, compared with 39% of U.S. consumers who are not Hispanic. 31% of Hispanic consumers say they enjoy watching advertisements, compared with 19% of other consumers.

52% of Hispanic online consumers say they prefer to use English as their primary language, with 22% selecting Spanish and the rest comfortable in either. When asked about advertisements that focus on Hispanic consumers, about 50% of online Hispanic consumers say they want the ads to be in English.

 “The U.S. Hispanic online marketplace is a fast-growing and potentially lucrative sector that marketers cannot ignore,” says Josh Chasin, comScore’s chief research officer. “Online Hispanics are younger and more acculturated than their offline counterparts and they are quite receptive to advertising when it is sufficiently engaging.  What’s especially interesting is that engagement with advertising has more to do with narrative elements and storytelling than it does with actually running the advertisement in Spanish.”

Good advertising can lead online Hispanic consumers to buy, the report also suggests. 35% of Hispanic consumers say the remember products in ads, compared with 22% of consumers who are not Hispanic. 30% of Hispanic consumers say they use ads to help decide what products to buy children, compared with 15% of other consumers. And 26% of Hispanic consumers are more likely to buy from companies that sponsor events, compared with 14% of other consumers.

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