November 11, 2010, 12:04 PM

Mobile marketers should pay heed to coupons and location-based services

A Forrester report highlights the features of a strong mobile marketing plan.

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Marketers hoping to reach consumers through their mobile devices need to do more than simply figure out which smartphones are most popular with specific groups of shoppers, according to a new report from Forrester Research Inc.  Marketers need to understand that consumers using mobile devices to search for products expect such features as links to nearby store locations, coupons and content that is easy to read on tiny screens.

Those are some of the main conclusions of “Making the Most of Mobile Search Marketing,” a report from Forrester analyst Shar VanBoskirk. The report is based on survey results from 309 interactive marketing professionals, an online survey of 26,913 U.S. online consumers and interviews with 11 vendors active in mobile marketing.

The report defines mobile search as consumers seeking information via a mobile device. Because consumers can find it difficult to use mobile device keyboards to enter long search terms and phrases, the report urges marketers to create simplified keyword phrases for product searches.

The report also says that marketers must keep abreast of the constant changes to mobile devices and mobile uses. “For example, location-based services will increasingly target mobile search results to a user’s location,” the report says. “So marketers must be prepared to link users to directions or coupons to their nearest store location rather than a generic landing page.”

In fact, the report says “immediacy” is a main concern of consumers using mobile devices for shopping. “Integrating mobile-specific capabilities like click-to-call and mapping into mobile search strategies can help marketers deliver immediate value,” the report says. “Adidas provides searchers immediate ways to take action by including a link to nearby store locations, a coupon and phone numbers as part of its listing optimized for the keyword ‘women’s Adidas’.”

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