October 21, 2010, 1:13 PM

Figis.com segments site visitors to make offers more relevant

The gourmet goods retailer says personalized suggestions tempt consumers.

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Figi’s in Good Taste knows what tantalizes its consumers’ taste buds.

The retailer of gourmet foods, collectibles and apparel, analyzes site traffic and serves up product recommendations and offers based on what the data suggest consumers would find most appealing.

“It’s important for us from the customer service and revenue perspective to help people find what they want in as few steps as possible,” says Chris Revie, senior e-commerce analyst for Figi’s. The company, which is a division of Charming Shoppes Inc., No. 128 on Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide, sells at Figis.com and through a catalog.

The data analysis helps Figis.com segment site visitors and generates product recommendations based on their behaviors by comparing their actions against the behavior of other site visitors. It also draws groups of relevant products together. For example, seasonal products designed for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day are grouped and presented together when a consumer starts searching for such items.

The company uses a recommendations tool from Adobe Systems Inc. to improve results.

“It helps us ensure that we are presenting the most relevant products to our customers and capitalizing on cross-sell opportunities,” Revie says.

The company also uses Adobe’s Test & Target program to gauge the effectiveness of home page visuals, page layouts and e-mail landing pages.

The company, for example, tested two e-mail landing page designs to see which would , generate the higher click-through rate. One layout presented three promotional offers but required that consumers play a slot machine game to get the offer they wanted. Another landing page presented the same three offers and consumers could select which offer they wanted without the game. The first campaign had a 50% higher click-through rate than the second.

“We thought the slot machine concept was a unique and engaging way to present and test content. Using Adobe’s reporting, we gained insights into what our shoppers wanted most and can continue refining our offers,” Revie says.

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