October 12, 2010, 8:32 AM

Health of e-retailing up 34% in September, according to wellness index

Web sales were up 17% and full-priced items sales up 38%, according to MyBuys.

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Web sales increased 17% in September compared with September 2009, while sales of full-priced items jumped 38% during September, which drove the MyBuys E-commerce Wellness Index up 34% compared with the same month one year ago. This is the largest increase in industry health since the index was created last year.

In addition to greater sales of full-priced items, the increase is partially attributed to a 5% decrease in the number of orders with promoted items and a 46% increase in orders without promoted items. Revenue from promoted goods dropped 21%.  The average depth of discount remained at 26%.

“Retailers’ momentum continues to increase and the consumer is buying without nearly as much promotion,” says Robert Cell, CEO of MyBuys. “We continue to see improvements in the health of the industry, and now the improvements are translating into increased revenue and margin heading into the all-important holiday season. It is great to see promotion of personalization strategies and reduction in discounting as key components of this marked turnaround from the gloomy outlook from a year ago.”

The September 2010 index also demonstrates the power of personalization as retailers saw a 19% increase in average order values for personalized transactions compared to sales without personalization.

The index is a monthly measure based on data from the e-retailer clients of MyBuys Inc., a vendor of product recommendation and personalization technology that serves more than 150 web merchants. The study covers MyBuys clients that were active both in September 2010 and September 2009. The index seeks to measure the health of e-retailing by aggregating total sales, non-promoted sales, discounted sales performance, depth of discounts and average order value.

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