September 27, 2010, 5:04 PM

ATG Unveils ATG Commerce 10

The service is designed to help merchants speed commerce implementations, improve merchandising and rapidly launch multiple sites.

DALLAS, Texas and CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – September 27, 2010 - ATG (Art Technology Group, Inc., NASDAQ: ARTG), the premier provider of cross-channel commerce solutions, today announced ATG Commerce 10, the most significant new release of ATG Commerce in ten years. ATG Commerce 10 is designed to help merchants speed commerce implementations, improve merchandising, rapidly launch multiple sites, and easily expand into new markets. The release will include redesigned merchandising applications, new cross-channel selling and multi-site management features, and innovative tools that empower organizations to work with greater speed, control, and efficiency. These capabilities are designed to increase the value of your merchandise, and the profitability of your overall commerce initiatives.

ATG Commerce 10 provides companies with a software foundation for the new world of Commerce Anywhere, managing personalized customer interactions across any channel, any site, or any device. Organizations can leverage the power of one engine driving its entire cross-channel commerce operation, choreographing activities across the web, physical store, contact center, social outlets, and mobile commerce initiatives in a unified way.

Merchant-Inspired Tools

Several significant new enhancements in ATG Commerce 10 are designed to make merchandising faster and more profitable. These enhancements were made after the ATG product team spent hundreds of hours with merchandisers from some the world’s best brands. ATG Commerce 10 gives merchants the speed and control they need to more easily and effectively manage sophisticated Web stores and cross-channel operations.


  • ATG Commerce 10 includes a new, ergonomically designed user interface for ATG Merchandising™ with new capabilities that streamline common tasks. The new application includes split-screen, drag-and-drop, embedded rich media, highly scalable navigation, search, and filter capabilities that dramatically simplify work tasks. Merchandisers will become more efficient and agile when choreographing the customer experience online, in stores, with the contact center, via mobile devices, or in any other context. This allows organizations to spend less time managing ongoing tasks such as adding new products or altering prices and more time responding to market shifts, innovating, and creating competitive advantages for their brands via personalization and other powerful merchandising strategies.
  • An enhanced promotions engine, new merchandising interface and framework for custom extensions  ee enable merchants to rapidly launch and cost-effectively manage promotions with easy-to-use templates. This allows business users to offer more targeted promotions and drive conversions, while maintaining margins.


“Chico's is looking forward to the release of ATG Commerce 10,” stated Stephen Carvelli, director of e-commerce, CRM and store technology for ATG customer Chico’s FAS. “With this release, ATG is delivering significant enhancements that further support our multi-channel, multi-brand, and international business needs. We are especially excited about the new ATG Merchandising application, which gives even more power to merchants and website content producers.”

 Unified Multi-Site Capabilities for Commerce Anywhere

ATG Commerce 10 makes it easier for companies to innovate and grow. Multi-site creation and management capabilities help rapidly launch new brands and sites, enter new markets, and integrate new channels without IT involvement.


  • With ATG Sites™, a new multi-site framework and toolset, companies can rapidly and cost-effectively launch and centrally manage multiple customer engagement points including brand sites, mobile sites, social sites, affiliate sites, international Web stores and in-store applications. Organizations can also quickly grow and expand the business in myriad and innovative ways, by creating deal-of-the-day offers, members-only shopping clubs, and marketing microsites for new brands.
  • The new ATG Unified Multi-Site Architecture™ gives merchants the ability to unlock the power of one engine driving all of an organization’s merchandising, marketing, and selling operations across channels. Unlike other add-on multi-site approaches that limit resource sharing options or require customization, ATG’s architecture innately enables efficient sharing of content and software resources such as carts, catalogs, products, and promotions across sites and/or channels.


“Today’s consumers shop across multiple channels, using multiple devices and touch points to interact with retailers, service providers and other merchants,” said Kasey Lobaugh, a principal within ATG partner Deloitte Consulting’s Retail Technology Integration practice. “It is critical that those companies have access to tools that unify those channels and enable them to stay ahead of competitors and respond to evolving customer behaviors quickly and easily. ATG Commerce 10 will enable merchants to control their commerce applications with agility and rapidly respond to market dynamics to launch multiple sites or enter new channels with ease.”

 Radically Reduced Cost of Ownership

ATG Commerce 10 will also reduce implementation resource needs, project timelines, costs, and risk, as it has been extended to simplify and accelerate the implementation and management of commerce applications.


  • For companies of any size, ATG Commerce 10 includes a customizable, pre-built Web storefront reference application, called ATG Commerce Reference Store, which enables businesses to jumpstart new sites quickly and easily. This reference application was developed based on best practices in user experience, personalization, merchandising, multi-site management, multi-language, technical architecture, and code structure to ensure optimal success while decreasing operational costs.
  • ATG Commerce 10 also includes enhancements to search administration, search indexing, data caching, and catalog load performance. These features will dramatically improve web page response times and data load times.


“For years ATG Commerce has led the market with the most flexible and innovative technology,” said Bob Burke, president and CEO, ATG. “For companies of all sizes, whether large enterprises or mid-sized businesses, ATG Commerce 10 will reduce the burden on lean IT and merchandising teams, making it simpler for merchants to get multiple sites and channels up and running. With ATG Commerce 10, we are executing on our Commerce Anywhere vision, making it easier than ever for any company to deliver a personalized shopping and buying experience optimized for mobile devices, social media, and cross-channel interactions.”

Starting in December 2010, ATG Commerce 10 will be generally available via a choice of deployment options to meet each company's particular requirements. Businesses will be able to deploy ATG Commerce 10 via software licensing, a managed service, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or as a partner-hosted on demand solution. ATG Recommendations and ATG Live Help work to extend the multi-site and cross-channel capabilities in ATG Commerce 10.

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