September 23, 2010, 3:58 PM

A new mobile app can help consumers research products

The ShowUhow app also shows shoppers how to set up products.

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Web-based sales and customer support platform developer ShowUhow Inc. plans to launch a mobile app next week designed to help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions and set up  products. 

A ShowUhow in-house team built the app for iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices. ShowUhow will make the app available for free downloads at  Apple’s iTunes App Store and Early next year the company plans to release apps for Android and BlackBerry smartphones.

When a consumer goes to the app’s main menu, he can choose between two options, “scan barcode” or “enter product information.” The app then provides the consumer with a relevant step-by-step video instruction guide and product sales overview with information on setting up, configuring and using a product, as well as information about its features and benefits. Additional product information includes customer service contacts, downloadable instruction manuals and warranty information.

ShowUhow works with product manufacturers to develop the video guides. The goal is for  consumers to get answers to product set-up questions without having to contact a customer service center, which saves a retailer or manufacturer customer service costs, says the spokesman. And by demonstrating how the product sets up and operates, the app can increase customer satisfaction and reduce returns, he adds.

“Today’s consum­ers expect information on demand,” says Kim Folsom, founder and CEO of ShowUhow. “So the question facing manufacturers and retailers is how to best leverage mobile to influence in-store and online shopping and improve the ‘out of box’ experience to lower returns.”

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