September 23, 2010, 4:26 PM

Apple users tend to engage in more m-commerce

A Retrevo survey also shows that owners of Android devices like GPS navigation.

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IPhone owners tend to shop more with their mobile devices, while consumers with Android smartphones are less likely to have landlines. BlackBerry owners, meanwhile, apparently like listening to the radio, according to a survey this week from Retrevo Inc., which operates the consumer electronics shopping and review e-marketplace

The findings, which sketch personality traits for owners of different smartphones, are based on online surveys conducted between March and July of more than 7,500 visitors to the Retrevo site.  

31% of iPhone owners use the Apple Inc. devices to make purchases, compared with 28% of consumers with smartphones that run the Android operating system and 18% of BlackBerry users. Retrevo adds that that households that rely on Apple computers purchase three times as many iPhones as other households.

45% of Android smartphone owners own netbooks compared with 37% for iPhone users and 36% for BlackBerry owners. Owners of Android devices also are more likely to use their smartphones for GPS navigation (31%) than iPhone users (27%) and BlackBerry owners (23%). They also report not reading books and not recycling more than other smartphone owners at 14% and 9%, respectively, doing neither. BlackBerry users reported 11% and 7%, respectively and iPhone users 12% and 8%.

BlackBerry owners tend to get most of their music from the radio (23% compared with 22% for Android and 18% for iPhone) and recycle their old gadgets (38% compared with 37% for iPhones and 33% for Android ).

The survey also found that 31% of consumers with smartphones that use Google Inc.’s Android operating systems do not have a landline phone, compared to 23% for both iPhone and BlackBerry owners.

When it comes to Mac owners vs. PC owners, homes with Apple products as their main computers often have other non-Apple computers, but homes that rely mostly on a Windows-based PC rarely own Macs.

“Apple is not just a company but a way of life and a commitment to a line of electronics,” the study says.



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