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"We've been developing some payment flows for mobile that are pretty advanced compared to what we have online," says Eric Duprat, general manager of mobile at PayPal. "In the eBay apps today, you can pay with PayPal the first time and opt in for not having to log in anymore so the next time you just push one button. It increases the usage of the apps and increases the ease of use and consumer satisfaction of the whole product."

This payment mechanism is dubbed PayPal Mobile Express Checkout, which is used by eBay and is being beta tested for licensing to other merchants with just two extra steps—a PayPal wallet screen that enables consumers to choose different stored addresses from their accounts, and an order confirmation screen.

"The value proposition of PayPal online is even stronger on the mobile device," Duprat says. "On the mobile device, entering a16-digit credit card number and address and all the relevant information to get the goods paid for and shipped to you is excruciating. That is clearly something consumers are sensitive to. So we try to make it as easy as possible for them to pay by minimizing the number of presses and screens so that it becomes a very natural experience."

Eric Duprat, general manager of mobile, PayPal: 'Next time you just push one button.' Steve Yankovich, vice president of platform business solutions and mobile, eBay: 'One of the design goals for us is to reduce friction so you don't ever lose focus on engaging with us.'

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