August 31, 2010, 1:30 PM

Moxsie offers product info via a Twitter feed

Indie Feed enables shoppers to learn more about products on Moxsie’s site.

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Moxsie's Indie Feed encourages the sharing of product information

Web-only fashion retailer Moxsie has launched a service that enables its shoppers to see Twitter messages and links related to its products.

The Twitter messages stream across the top of the merchant’s site. The technology lets shoppers who hover above a link to view thumbnail images of products mentioned in the messages.

Moxsie uses the Indie Feed service to enable consumers browsing products to see conversations about products in real time, says Moxsie CEO Jon Fahrner. “Moxsie staff and other customers generally highlight the best products or best site content in their Twitter conversations,” he says. “Now someone can engage with that information via our Indie Feed without having to be on Twitter.”


For now, Indie Feed does not allow shoppers to purchase directly from the streaming Twitter messages. “We will be building more features into the Indie Feed on an ongoing basis based on customer behavior, feedback and preferences,” he says.

Moxsie says it has 85,000 Twitter followers. The retailer specializes in products from independent fashion designers. Moxsie developed the tool in-house but Fahrner declines to reveal costs.

“Just by tweeting to us or about us, designers now have direct exposure to Moxsie onsite traffic and they have complete control over what is communicated,” he says. “This provides additional motivation to tweet about their brand and products or even their design inspiration.”

He adds that Indie Feed has led shoppers to spend more time on, but he did not say how much longer.


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