August 27, 2010, 3:10 PM expands its shoe store

Shoppers can watch videos and ponder advice about footwear.

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Sears Holdings Corp. has launched the Shoe Experience, a new marketing feature on the retailer’s site.

The retailer greets shoppers visiting the page with revolving images of shoes and a horizontal scroll bar featuring new products. Shoppers can click through to watch videos, read questions and answers by Sears’ hosts, and ponder advice about shoe selection.

The site divides shoes into four categories: fashion, kids, fitness and work. An expert in each area acts as host for each category. For example, stylist and New York Post fashion columnist Francesca Mills hosts the fashion category. The section includes a blog written by Mills and an advice section. The section also features Mills in professionally produced videos discussing fashion. The retailer will post new videos to each area monthly. The multimedia content also appears on Sears’ pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo.

Sears expanded the number of shoe brands it carries online from 250 to more than 450 with the Shoe Experience redesign. The site area also features a prompt for the retailer’s Personal Shopper service, which Sears launched in February to help shoppers select products and track down products they may be unable to find on the site. For shoes, the retailer enables consumers to e-mail a photo of an outfit so that within 24 hours, Sears can find matching footwear.

“Customers want an experience that’s more social, more interactive and more content-driven to make shopping decisions easier and more informed,” says Imran Jooma, president of e-commerce at Sears.

Sears launched a similar initiative built around offering personalized advice in June with the Blue Crew HQ service.

The Blue Crew HQ portion of the Sears retail site provides shoppers with virtual advisors who describe Sears’ services in a social and personalized way. The company earlier this month also launched the Local Marketplace service in select markets, enabling local retailers to sell to consumers through Consumers can pick up purchases in Sears or Kmart locations, or through the local merchant‘s store, or have items delivered to their homes. 

Sears is No. 8 on Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide.

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