August 18, 2010, 6:19 PM

Q2 sales rise 10% for iPerceptions as the vendor enhances its survey technology

  Revenue totaled $1.25 million and the vendor signed contracts with major clients.

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IPerceptions, a provider of voice of customer data, posted solid sales for the second quarter and extended or signed contracts with several large companies, including General Motors, State Farm, and Mercedes-Benz USA.

In the second quarter iPerceptions reported:

  • Revenue of $1.25 million, up 10% from $1.14 million in the same period a year earlier
  • A net loss of $597,383 compared to $981,600 for the same period in 2009
  • New clients including General Motors USA, State Farm, Mercedes-Benz USA and Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Renewed or expanded contracts with Yellow Pages, Harvard Business Review, United Airlines and job search engine Workopolis.

The vendor also launched an updated version of its Web Analytics Solution Profiler (WASP) 2.1 product line, which helps marketers crawl web sites in order to view, track and use analytics data. The new version enables marketers to observe the flow of complex analytics data from Adobe Systems Inc.’s Flash rich media platform and from JavaScript, a scripting language that is used to add functionality to web pages. It also enables users to track analytics tags implemented by third parties in order to help find performance bottlenecks coming from outside systems or vendors. 

iPerceptions also updated its online customer survey product, 4Q, to enable companies to integrate survey data into their Google Analytics programs. The vendor makes 4Q Online Survey available for free download from Once a retailer installs the survey application, it takes a few minutes to fill out forms within it to integrate data with Google Analytics, the company says. The data is organized into three main categories of overall customer satisfaction, purpose of visit and task completion.

The vendor also updated 4Q to enable web site operators to ask consumers why they are visiting a web site.

IPerceptions says more than 10% of its 4Q users have integrated with Google Analytics and 30% are customizing surveys to ask respondents the reason for their visit.

“The recent launch of WASP 2.1 and the new 4Q features have been met with great enthusiasm by current clients, marketing experts, and the web analytics community in general,” says Claude Guay, president and CEO. “With our expanding portfolio of innovative and affordable web analytics solutions, we continue to attract and renew many well-known brands.”

For the first six months, iPerceptions reported revenue of $2.50 million, up 3% from $2.42 million a year earlier, resulting in a net loss narrowed by 17% year over year to $1.27 million from $1.53 million.






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