August 16, 2010, 12:18 PM

SkyPostal Changes Name to SkyShop Logistics

The name reflects the company’s role as a cross border shipping facilitator.

Miami, Aug. 13, 2010 -- SkyPostal Networks, Inc. today announced that it has changed its name to SkyShop Logistics, Inc. to better reflect its positioning as a cross border shopping facilitator. Capitalizing on SkyPostal's efficient and low cost international delivery network, SkyShop has developed integrated shopping solutions which allow U.S. merchants to offer their international customers a simplified and cost effective buying experience from the moment of purchase to the cross-border delivery.

SkyShop's solutions cater to two audiences; the International online shopper who otherwise could not buy from U.S. e-tailers and U.S. merchants that want to access foreign consumers with an interest in purchasing U.S. merchandise and be able to service them without the complexities of cross-border deliveries.

SkyShop's consumer offering, PuntoMio (, gives non U.S. residents a U.S. address which they can use to make online purchases as if they lived in the U.S. Its Global e-Cart product ( gives U.S. merchants integrated options with which to sell to the international client without the risks inherent in cross-border transactions: credit card fraud, high shipping and import costs, and complex import procedures. The U.S. merchant sells to the international shopper in the U.S. and SkyShop assumes full responsibility for shipping, clearance and delivery. The SkyShop delivery system features shipping rates less than those of express carriers and similar to parcel post rates, but with track and trace visibility.

The U.S. online shopping service offered by PuntoMio is primarily marketed thru bank partnerships in the major Latin American countries. SkyShop signed agreements with key banks in the region such as Santander, Itau, Citibank and Scotiabank among others. Under its exclusive American Express offering, GlobalShop, ( SkyShop has launched with Garanti Bank in Turkey and Hapoalim Bank in Israel, with additional countries being rolled out in this quarter.

About SkyShop Logistics -- USA Shopping Facilitator

SkyShop Logistics is a shopping facilitator for international online buyers that enhances the shopping experience from the time of purchase through cross-border delivery. SkyShop is designed to be the only web address international shoppers need to be able to realize all of their online purchases from the United States. PuntoMio's offering includes product pricing comparison, secure online purchasing and overseas shipping, a landed cost calculator and merchandise return capability. Additionally, PuntoMio addresses many of the challenges of online cross-border shopping -- lack of familiarity with U.S. clothing sizes, expensive express-courier delivery services, U.S. merchants that do not accept foreign credit cards, lack of an integrated package return system, unexpected and high fees associated with customs duties and taxes, and poor parcel post service provided by the national postal service in their local country. For more information, visit

SkyShop Logistics -- Portal for U.S. Merchants to International Consumers

SkyShop provides its partners and e-tailers everything they need to successfully launch an international shopping service, including consistent promotional offers to existing customers to promote year-round shopping and product expansion.

About SkyPostal -- intelligent bar coded mail & catalog distribution

SkyPostal is an international wholesale mail distribution company that specializes in hand delivery of bar coded commercial mail, catalogs, books, periodicals and parcel post into the Latin American region at below USPS IPA & ISAL rates. SkyPostal is the largest private postal network in Latin America, delivering more than 60 million mail items each month through its network of local private postal operators. SkyPostal handles mail and parcels from European postal administrations, publishers, book sellers, mail consolidators, international mailers and on line merchants that require low cost, time-defined and reliable delivery of their catalogs, books, magazines and mail order parcels. Its PosTrac intelligent mail system applies a bar code on each mail item, thus mailing lists can be cleaned up with electronic return of undeliverable mail. SkyPostal operates a catalog, book and parcel processing and fulfillment hub in the Airport Free Zone in Bogota, Colombia. Parcels destined to the region are sent to the Colombian hub, processed and forwarded overnight to the final destination country for customs clearance and delivery. Its parcel product offers 6 to 8 day delivery with track and trace visibility at a fraction of the cost of Express operators. For more information, visit

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